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Welcome to the Psychology Job Wiki. This crowdsourced site is intended to provide information to applicants about the status of academic job searches occurring in the 2020-2021 academic year in all areas of psychology. The wikis for previous years are still available. Job ads can be found in several places (see this list). As information about a search becomes available, you are encouraged to post it anonymously below. If this is your first time visiting the wiki, please read through the instructions to become familiar with how it works. If you need help or have questions, please contact vd (the site administrator) through the wikidot messaging system. If the "Edit" or "History" buttons do not work, make a Wikidot account and sign into it; they will work as long as you are signed in. Good luck to all job-seekers!

Changes and Reminders for the 2020-2021 Wiki

  • Ranks: Tenure-track jobs are assumed by default to be at the rank of Assistant Professor. Rank only has to be indicated if that is not the case (e.g., Associate/Full Professor).
  • Dates: Include the year in all dates (e.g., 10/1/20 for October 1, 2020).
  • Deadlines: Omit "open until filled," which will be assumed by default.
  • Duplication: Avoid duplicate listings. Post a job in the most relevant section, then cross-reference it as needed.
  • Strikethrough: Use strikethrough formatting for concluded or cancelled searches; do not delete the wiki entry.
  • Space limit: The wiki has a character space limit. If you try to post and get an error message about the limit being reached, contact vd. As the job cycle progresses, expired job ad URLs will be removed periodically to conserve space.

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Tenure-Track Faculty Jobs

Clinical & Counseling

Bogazici University, Turkey (Clinical; job ad)

Brigham Young University (Clinical Child/Pediatric Focused Professional-Track Faculty; job ad; closes 9/1/20)

Earlham College (Clinical, Counseling, or School Psych; search chair said other PhD with an MSW would also be considered; job ad; closes September 21, 2020)

Hamilton College (see posting under Neuroscience & Biopsychology)

McNeese State University (Counseling; Assistant; Job Ad; review begins immediately 7/31/20)

Tennessee State University (Counseling; Assistant/Associate; job ad; closes 9/30/20)

University of Richmond (Clinical or related field; see ad for focus areas; job ad; review begins 9/12/20)

Weber State University (Clinical/Counseling; job ad; review begins 10/1/20)

West Chester University of Pennsylvania (Child Clinical Psych; review begins 8/24; job ad)

Wofford College (see posting under Developmental)


Bowdoin College (Cognitive Psychology; job ad; deadline 10/1/20)

Central European University (Cognitive Science; 2 open-rank positions; job ad; review starts 9/1/20)

Lawrence University of Wisconsin (Cognitive Neuroscience; []; review starts 9/21/2020)

Lycoming College (Cognitive Psychology or Cognitive Neuroscience; job ad; review starts 9/30/20)

Keele University, UK ([see posting under Open Area])


Brigham Young University, Provo, UT (Developmental, CFS Professorial Faculty; job ad; closes 9/1/20)

University of Denver, Denver, CO (Developmental; job ad; closes 10/15/20)

Wofford College (Developmental, optional Clinical is a bonus; job ad; review starts 10/1/20)


University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Educational/School Psychology, Tenure-Track Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor; job ad; closes Sep 15, 2020)


Carnegie Mellon University (see posting under Social & Personality)

Keele University, UK ([see posting under Open Area])

Human Factors & Engineering Psychology

University of South Dakota (job ad; review starts 7/15/20)


Lawrence University of Wisconsin (Organizational Psychology; []; review begins 10/1/2020)

Neuroscience & Biopsychology

Many neuroscience and biopsychology jobs are associated with more than one field. If the ad explicitly indicates that the job is a neuroscience position (e.g., they are seeking someone who does fMRI), then post it in this section and cross-reference it under any related fields (see instructions for details). It can help to specify whether the position is for someone who does human or animal research.

Carleton College (Cellular/Molecular Neurobiology; job ad; review begins 9/1/20)

Hamilton College (Social, Affective, or Clinical Neuroscience; job ad; review begins 10/1/20)

Lycoming College (see posting under Cognitive)

National Institute of Mental Health (Computational neuroscience; job ad; review begins August 2020)

Weber State University (Biopsychology; job ad; review begins 10/15/20)

Open Area

Keele University, UK (2 Positions in Cog/Neuro, Social/Political, or Health); job ad; applications close 3 Sept 2020)


National Institute of Mental Health (Computational neuroscience; see posting under Neuroscience)

Pennsylvania State University (2 Positions in Quantitative Methods in Behavioral Data Science; job ad; review begins 8/1/20)


Earlham College (see posting under Clinical/Counseling)

University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Educational/School Psychology, Tenure-Track Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor; job ad; closes Sep 15, 2020)

Social & Personality

Bogazici University, Turkey (Social; job ad)

California State University, East Bay (Personality; 2 positions; job ad; review begins 8/15/20)

Carnegie Mellon University (Social/Personality and Health Psychology; job ad; review begins 9/1/20)

Hamilton College (see posting under Neuroscience & Biopsychology)

Hope College (Social Psychology; job ad; review begins 9/19/20)

Wesleyan University (Cultural Psychology; job ad; closes 10/1/20)

Keele University, UK ([see posting under Open Area])


This section is for tenure-track jobs that do not fit in any of the fields above. Non-tenure-track jobs belong in the next section.

Lancaster University (Social/Cognitive Psych & Law, Lecturer; job ad; closes 8/2/20)

University of Bath (Lecturer in Marketing Position)

Wesleyan University (Cultural Psychology, see posting under Social Psychology)

Non-TT, VAP, and Related Jobs

Fairleigh Dickinson University (Forensic/Clinical Psychology; job ad; review begins 7/7/20)

Middlebury College (Open Speciality for September 2020; job ad; review begins immediately)

University of South Dakota (Director of Psychological Services Center; job ad; review begins 7/31/20)

University of Virginia (Epigenetics and Human Development Research Scientist Position; job ad; review begins 8/6/20)

University of Wisconsin-Superior (Behavioral or Cognitive Neuroscience; Senior Lecturer; job ad; review begins 8/15/2020)

University of Wyoming (Clinical Psychology; Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor; job ad; review begins 8/4/2020

William James College (Open Rank Core Faculty Position in the Clinical Psychology PsyD Program, Area of expertise sought: Diversity and Multiculturalism (new search posted 7/7/20, position to begin in August 2020) job ad; rolling review)


Brown University - Warren Alpert Medical School (A new NIH T32 postdoctoral research fellowship program in childhood Stress, Trauma, & Resilience [STAR]; start dates between now and January 2021; job ad)

Dartmouth College (Seeking Clinical/Counseling Psychology PhD for Postdoc in Jacobson Lab, Center for Technology and Behavioral Health, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College; rolling review starts immediately)

New York University, New York, NY (Postdoctoral research fellow position in the Lab for the Developing Mind. Focusing on the cognitive foundations of formal geometry. Review of applications will be rolling until the position is filled or until 11/15, with applications submitted before 8/1 given priority; job ad; lab website)

Purdue University (Postdoc related to neurodevelopmental disorders, job ad; review begins immediately with start date as early as 8/1/20)

SUNY Polytechnic Institute (Seeking PhD in Clinical/Counseling Psychology for Postdoc in Community and Behavioral Health to provide quantitative data analysis for evaluation of HHS SAMSA grant designed to support families and improve educational outcomes for children, and teach one class each semester in the psychology program; review begins immediately with a start date in August; job ad)

Syracuse University (One-year post-doc for PhD in Psychology or related fields to support NIH-funded projects under the direction of Dr. Woolf-King and Dr. Maisto. job ad)

University of California, Riverside (Postdoc in Cognitive Neuroscience research on memory, apply at website)

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (Postdoc in Social Psychology with Strong Computational Emphasis. It involves team-teaching a fully prepped senior seminar once a year. A very active interdisciplinary team of psychologists, computer scientists, statisticians, and other scholars, engaged in experimental, intervention, and big data research. Please send CV and research statement to ude.sionilli|arrablad#ude.sionilli|arrablad. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Although we are primarily searching for a person who would begin in August 2021, an earlier start might be possible. Funding is available for multiple years lab site)

University of Louisville (Full-time Postdoctoral Fellow to work on a National Institute of Mental Health supported study examining how eating disorder symptoms and physiology across time predict relapse and recovery; job ad; review begins immediately)

University of Manitoba OR University of Calgary, Departments of Psychology and Pediatrics (Postdoctoral fellow position, across specialties, to collaborate on research developing mHealth programs to prevent the intergenerational transmission of stress-linked inequities in families of children age 0 – 5; start date now - September 2021; website)

University of Minnesota, Department of Psychology (Postdoctoral Traineeship in Genetic and Neurobehavioral Mechanisms of Addiction, its Risk Factors and Consequences; website; rolling review starts immediately; application deadline 9/14/20)

University of Nebraska Lincoln (Postdoc in the Interpersonal Violence Research Laboratory; job ad; review begins 8/17/20)

University of Oregon (Postdoc in the [Social and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory Laboratory]; job ad; rolling review; open until filled)

University of Toronto Scarborough (Full-time Postdoc in the Therapeutic Interventions for Psychosis Laboratory; job ad; rolling review until position filled)

University of Toronto Scarborough (Full-time Postdoc in the Computation and Psycholinguistics Laboratory (CAP Lab) ; job ad; review begins 9/6/20)

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Full-time Postdoc related to social engagement/child development/autism in Vanderbilt Music Cognition Lab; job ad; review begins immediately; start date as early as 9/1/20 but position open until filled

Virginia Commonwealth University (Postdoc in Cancer Prevention and Control, broadly defined; information and instructions; review begins 7/7/20 with preference to applications received by 7/22/20; reach out to a potential mentor!)

Wake Forest University (Three-year postdoctoral research fellowship on personality and honesty; job ad; rolling review starts immediately)


This section is for predoc positions such as lab managers, paid research assistants, etc.

University of California Santa Barbara (Full-time Lab Manager in Social Psychology; job ad; review begins 8/15/20)

Wake Forest University (Three-year research coordinator position for project on personality and honesty; job ad; rolling review starts immediately)

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