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Welcome to the Psychology Job Wiki. This site is intended to provide information to applicants about the status of academic job searches occurring in the 2019-2020 academic year in all areas of psychology. The wikis for previous years are still available. Job ads can be found in several places (see this list). As information about a search becomes available, you are encouraged to post it anonymously below. If this is your first time visiting the wiki, please read through the instructions to become familiar with how it works. If you need help or have questions, please send a message to vd (the site administrator) through the wikidot messaging system. Good luck to all job-seekers!

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Changes and Reminders for the 2019-2020 Wiki

  • Sections: By request, some previously combined sections have been separated (e.g., Educational and School Psychology).
  • Ranks: Tenure-track jobs are assumed by default to be at the rank of Assistant Professor. Rank only has to be indicated if that is not the case (e.g., Associate/Full Professor).
  • Dates: Please include the year in all dates (e.g., 10/1/19 for October 1, 2019).
  • Space limit: The wiki has a character space limit. If you try to post and get an error message about the limit being reached, please contact vd.

Tenure-Track Faculty Jobs

Clinical & Counseling

Effat University (Effat College of Humanities invites applications for Associate Professor and Full Professor in the Clinical Psychology area of study; job ad; open until filled)

Long Island University at Brooklyn (Counseling/School; job ad; Start Date 9/1/19).

Saint Mary's College of California (Clinical/Developmental; job ad; deadline 9/30/19)

University of Missouri-St. Louis (Open Rank; Clinical Psychology, preference for substance abuse; job ad; review begins 9/1/19, open until filled)

Virginia Commonwealth University (Clinical/Health; job ad; review begins 9/1/19, open until filled)

Wofford College (Clinical/Developmental; job ad; deadline 10/1/2019)


Brigham Young University (Cognitive or Developmental; CFS Professorial Faculty; job ad; deadline 9/3/19)

SUNY New Paltz (Preference for expertise in sensation and perception; job ad; review starts 9/15/19)


Brigham Young University (see posting under Cognitive)

Saint Mary's College of California (see posting under Clinical)

Southwestern University (job ad; deadline 9/16/19)


First job goes here


Carnegie Mellon University (see posting under Social & Personality)

Virginia Commonwealth University (see posting under Clinical)

Human Factors & Engineering Psychology

First job goes here


Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) (Applied Psychology - Industrial/Organizational or Applied Social Psychology; job ad; review begins 9/15/19)

Neuroscience & Biopsychology

Many neuroscience and biopsychology jobs are associated with more than one field (e.g., behavioral, cognitive, or social neuroscience). If the ad explicitly indicates that the job is a neuroscience position (e.g., they are seeking someone who does fMRI), then post it in this section and cross-reference it under any related fields (see instructions for details). It can also help to specify whether the position is for someone who does human or animal research.

University of Missouri-St. Louis (Behavioral Neuroscience, preference for human research; job ad; review begins 9/1/19, open until filled)

University of Texas El Paso (Neuroscience; job ad; open until filled)

West Chester University of Pennsylvania (Biopsychology, preference for applicants who use animal models in research; apply at job site, search for 19-210; review starts 8/30/19 and continues until filled)

Open Area

Covenant College (open rank, preference for developmental, clinical, or social; job ad; review begins 07/01/2019)

Eckerd College (job ad; deadline 10/15/19)

Northern Michigan University (Experimental Psych with open area of specialization; job ad; deadline 8/23/19)

Old Dominion University (Multiple positions, Assistant & Associate; preference for I/O or Human Factors; job ad; review begins 10/1/19)

Rollins College (Experimental with a specialty in biological, behavioral, or cognitive psych; job ad; review begins 10/1/19)

University of Dundee (Lecturer ~Assistant Professor; job ad; deadline 30/6/19)


First job goes here


Cal State University Los Angeles (School Psych Assist Prof; Application review begins October 1 2019 for Fall 2020; job ad)

Rutgers University (GSAPP/School Psychology; job ad)

Social & Personality

Carnegie Mellon University (Social or Personality and Health Psychology; job ad; deadline 9/27/19)

Whitman College (Social Psychology; job ad; deadline 9/27/19)


This section is for tenure-track jobs that do not fit in any of the fields above. Non-tenure-track jobs belong in the next section.

Old Dominion University (Dept Chair; job ad; review begins 7/1/19)

Non-TT, VAP, and Related Jobs

University of Kansas (Three-year lecturer, 7 courses per year; job ad; review begins 6/17/19)

University of Missouri-St. Louis (VAP in Psychology; job ad; review begins 6/17/19, open until filled)

University of Southern Mississippi (Four VAP positions open, one-year appointments, potential opportunities for graduate teaching as well as undergraduate, applicants with a specialization in Clinical are especially encouraged; job ad, review begins immediately)

Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UT (VAP of Psychology; one-year appointment; possibility for a second-year renewal, pending budgetary approval; job ad; review begins 6/24/19)


Arizona State University (Three Postdocs related to Education, NLP, and System Design; job ad; open until filled)

Texas A&M University (Accountability, Climate, Equity, and Scholarship (ACES) Fellows Program; job ad; review begins 10/1/19)

University of Connecticut (Postdoc related to number cognition and deaf education, developmental psychology, language and cognition; job site, go to Staff Positions > search Job ID 2019605; open until filled)

University of Texas at Arlington (Postdoc in cognitive psychology; job ad; open until filled)

University of Waterloo (Postdoc related to Reasoning, Meta-cognition, Social and Personality Psychology; job ad; open until filled)

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