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Please do not delete; permission has been granted to place this note here: The Psych Job Wiki is continuing with job ads for the 2024-2025 application cycle (specifically for jobs with Spring 2025-Fall 2025 start dates)! The new site is here: All submissions to this new site, both submissions for new jobs and updates regarding interviews, are anonymous (no personal information is collected or asked for). However, you can also post jobs on this wiki for 2024-25.

Welcome to the Psychology Job Wiki. This crowdsourced site is intended to provide information to applicants about the status of academic job searches occurring in the 24-25 academic year in all areas of psychology. The wikis for previous years are still available. NOTE: Some backups cannot be added to the master list linked on the left menu due to restricted permissions. The backup for 2022-2023 is here, and the backup for 2023-2024 is here.

Job ads can be found in several places (see this list). As information about a search becomes available, you are encouraged to post it anonymously below. If this is your first time visiting the wiki, please read through the instructions to become familiar with how it works. If the "Edit" or "History" buttons do not work, make a Wikidot account and sign into it; they will work as long as you are signed in. Good luck to all job-seekers!


  • Ranks: Tenure-track jobs are assumed by default to be at the rank of Assistant Professor. Rank only has to be indicated if that is not the case (e.g., Associate/Full Professor).
  • Dates: Include the year in all dates (e.g., 10/1/24 for October 1, 24).
  • Deadlines: Omit "open until filled," which will be assumed by default.
  • Job ad URLs: Use shortened URLs whenever possible.
  • Duplication: Avoid duplicate listings. Post a job in the most relevant section, then cross-reference it as needed.
  • Strikethrough: Use strikethrough formatting for concluded or cancelled searches; do not delete the wiki entry.
  • If you can, please help keep the wiki orderly and properly formatted, and remove any spam you notice.

Tenure-Track Faculty Jobs

Clinical & Counseling

SUNY Old Westbury (Graduate Mental Health Counseling; job ad; Application Deadline: 11/25/2024)


Carleton College (Cognitive; job ad; application deadline: 09/30/2024

Providence College (see posting under Open Area)

Villanova University (Cognitive; job ad; application deadline: 09/16/2024)

Wesleyan University (see posting under Neuroscience & Biopsychology)



Diversity Science

Educational & School

University of Kansas (Assistant Professor in School Psychology; job ad; application deadline: 10/24/2024)


Human Factors & Engineering Psychology

Industrial-Organizational (I-O)

Neuroscience & Biopsychology

Many neuroscience and biopsychology jobs are associated with more than one field. If the ad explicitly indicates that the job is a neuroscience position (e.g., they are seeking someone who does fMRI), then post it in this section and cross-reference it under any related fields (see instructions for details). It can help to specify whether the position is for someone who does human or animal research.

Wesleyan University (Cognitive Neuroscience; job ad; application deadline: 10/1/2024)

Open Area

Providence College (Open Area, Cognitive preferred; job ad; application deadline: 10/1/2024


University of Maryland (Computational Psychology/Computational Neuroscience; job ad; application deadline: 10/15/2024

Social & Personality

Non-TT, VAP, and Related Jobs


PhD Student Positions


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