Psychology Job Wiki 2021-2022: Postdocs

This page is an extension of the Psychology Job Wiki for the 2021-2022 academic year. Please post all postdoctoral positions on this page instead of on the main wiki page. Categorization of the job postings is forthcoming.

American Institute for Cognitive Therapy (Postdoctoral Fellowship — Position focuses on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy within an established practice in New York City. The ideal candidate will have a PhD or PsyD from an APA approved clinical program and will have completed an internship focusing on CBT. Attend weekly case conferences, DBT team meetings, and receive individual/group supervision from senior staff. Candidates should send a cover letter, CV, and 2 references to Alana Silber (moc.cynyparehtevitingoc|hcraeser#moc.cynyparehtevitingoc|hcraeser). job site; Applications will be received until a suitable candidate is found - the position begins in September 2021)

Arizona State University Postdoctoral Scholar in the Military Social Science Laboratory. 2-year 100% research position with the opportunity for professional development and advanced statistical training in our renowned quant program. Pay is competitive, with a pay increase in year 2 of this postodoc. Open to all PhD graduates. Research is focused on military sexual trauma, PTSD, sexual health, and suicide. Located in Tempe, AZ. job ad

Baylor University (Postdoctoral Scholar - a leadership position for a major research initiative focused on spiritual/religious, moral, and meta-identity development within the context of higher education (“The Role of Meta-Identity in Developing Moral Communities Within Higher Education,” $2.7 million, John Templeton Foundation). This three-year position begins as early as December 1, 2021 or as late as August 2022.) Apply now at job ad)

Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Postdoctoral Research Associate in Network Neuroscience; job ad; Anticipated start date Fall 2022)

Boston College (Postdoctoral Associate at the Morality Lab (PI: Liane Young); see job ad for details and instructions to apply)

Boston University (Postdoctoral Scholar — NIMH-funded R01 on neural and behavioral correlates of social isolation and loneliness in serious mental illness; PI: Daniel Fulford. Seeking a candidate with strong quantitative skills and interest in mobile assessment, including EMA and smartphone sensors; additional expertise and interest in serious mental illness preferred AMP Lab Website)

Columbia Business School (Postdoctoral Scholar — two year post-doc with research budget and collaborate with faculty of Management Division of Columbia Business School; [])

Caltech (Postdoctoral Fellow — study of multisensory perception (both behavioral and neuroimaging) in the visually impaired. The postdoctoral scholar position is in the Shimojo Psychophysics Laboratory led by Professor Shinsuke Shimojo at Caltech. Candidates should send a CV, a statement of research skills and interests, and a list of 3 references to Professor Shinsuke Shimojo (ude.hcetlac|ojomihss#ude.hcetlac|ojomihss). Job Ad; Shimojo Lab)

Chapman University (Postdoctoral Scholar — Study on Childhood Adversity (ACEs) and Neurodevelopment; job ad)

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (Postdoctoral fellowship in eating disorders, RCT on cognitive remediation therapy and family based therapy in adolescents with AN; job ad; rolling review begins immediately)

Childrens National in Washington DC (Postdoctoral fellowship in clinical/school interventions research and ADHD; job ad;; rolling review begins immediately)

City University of New York & New York University (Postdoctoral fellowship on NSF funded collaboration between CUNY, NYU, and Tech Kids Unlimited (TKU): research aims to help educators better engage diverse learners while helping autistic teenagers develop work-related skills through game design workshops at an innovative educational non-profit, TKU; job ad; rolling review begins immediately; deadline 11/1/21)Position filled

Colorado State University (Postdoctoral Fellowship-Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD) & Behavioral Health: position designed to prepare individuals for a staff psychologist position in a university counseling service, with an emphasis in issues related to alcohol and other drug use; deadline 11/28/21 [job ad)

Colorado State University (Postdoctoral Fellowship-DBT-Informed Post-Hospitalization Program & Behavioral Health: primary focus includes working with CSU Health Network for students experiencing an acute mental health crisis; deadline 11/28/21 [job ad)

Columbia University (A Postdoctoral Scholar position is available in the Barnard Vision Lab (PI Alex White), on an NIH-funded project about visual word recognition. The project involves fMRI, psychophysics and eye-tracking. Applications will be accepted until a suitable candidate is found. lab website; application page)

Columbia University (Postdoctoral Fellowship — research examines adolescent depression and suicide using multi-modal MRI and smartphone assessments, co-mentored by Drs. David Pagliaccio and Randy Auerbach; review begins immediately, open until filled; [job ad)

Columbia University Teachers College (Postdoctoral Fellowship — Focused on ethnic minority youth mental health, development, and family-based intervention research; competitive salary and benefits; review begins immediately, open until filled; [job ad)

Dartmouth College (Postdoctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor (Psychological and Brain Sciences); job ad; review begins November 1, 2021)

Duke University School of Medicine (Postdoctoral Research Associate for ongoing NIH-funding studies seek to: address socio-structural challenges impacting adolescents living with HIV in Cape Town, South Africa; promote COVID-19 mitigation strategies in African American communities in rural North Carolina; and characterize treatment regimen fatigue among older adults living with HIV and other multimorbid conditions; job ad; review begins immediately)

Duke University School of Medicine (Postdoctoral Associate for NIH-funded position in the HIV and Addictions Research Program. Our team seeks to understand how drug addiction and HIV infection together impact the brain, and in turn affect neurocognitive functioning. R01-funded project implementing multimodal data fusion analyses on an existing MRI dataset (resting state fMRI, diffusion tensor imaging, and high-resolution structural scanning; job ad; rolling review begins immediately (November 15, 2021); Anticipated start date Spring/Summer 2022)

Drexel University's WELL Center (Five Research and Clinical Post-Doctoral Fellows are being sought by Drexel University's WELL Center: two obesity/health promotion research postdoc fellows, one eating disorder research postdoc fellow, one eating disorders clinical post-doctoral fellow, and one eating disorders and/or obesity clinical postdoc fellow; more information as well as links to apply can be found in our job ad; deadline: December 15, 2021)

Emory University (PI: Michael Treadway) A new post-doctoral position in computational modeling and functional neuroimaging related to studies of mood and anxiety disorders is available in the Department of Psychology at Emory University. Located in the heart of Atlanta, GA, Emory provides an outstanding environment in which to pursue post-doctoral training in clinical and computational neuroscience. Full salary and benefits in accordance with NIMH post-doctoral salary guidelines are guaranteed for two years. Visit for details on how to apply.

Fordham University (Postdoctoral Fellow for an NIH-funded 5-year study investigating transition-related stressors and sleep among diverse college students; job ad; Position involves engaging in survey construction, data collection, data analyses, preparation of publications and conference presentations, applying for additional funding, mentoring graduate and undergraduate lab members. Works with a research team of undergraduate research assistants, doctoral students, and other postdoctoral fellows. Possible graduate-level co-teaching opportunities. Review begins immediately; for more information, email ude.mahdrof|piyt#ude.mahdrof|piyt)

Fordham University (Postdoctoral Fellow; 2-year position on a 5-year project, newly funded by the National Institute of Health, to examine multiple forms of discrimination, substance use, sleep, and neighborhood environment over the course of late childhood and adolescence, using the national data from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study; []; Review begins immediately; for more information, email ude.mahdrof|piyt#ude.mahdrof|piyt)

George Mason University (Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow – Veterans Specialty; job ad; review begins 11/8/21)

Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital (Postdoctoral fellowship in etiology and treatment of depression (clinical psychology and neuroscience); 2 positions available; Job Ad for details; Webb Lab; review begins 11/1/21)

Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital (Postdoctoral fellowship in affective neuroscience of trauma, PTSD, and stress-related disorders (clinical psychology and neuroscience); Job Ad for details; review begins immediately)

Haverford College (Postdoctoral Scholar for an NSF funded study on the development of intersectional social prototypes. Postdoc will work under mentorship of Dr. Ryan Lei.) Details here: []. Applications due Jan. 11.

International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad, India (Postdoctoral fellowship in cognitive neuroscience of human memory and learning); Ad for details; deadline for expression of interest: Dec 10, 2021, requires a proposal submission by Dec 31, 2021 in collaboration with Dr Vishnu Sreekumar)

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (PI: Netz Arroyo)Ad for details The Netz Lab is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar to lead the development of top-notch electrochemical sensors for real-time molecular monitoring in the brain of rodents. Deadline: March 31, 2022. For more information regarding this lab please visit:

Loyola University Maryland (Two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship for scholars from underrepresented groups; focus on clinical/counseling psychology, specific research area open; competitive salary and benefits; review begins on 2/1, open until filled; [job ad)

Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden (Postdoctoral fellowship on social networks and loneliness in healthy adolescents. job ad. DL January 17 2022.)

Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School (Research Fellowship in health and health disparities research focused on ethnic minority mental health and efforts on diversifying health sciences; spanish-speaking preferred) Details here: job ad; rolling review begins immediately.——

McLean Fernside/Harvard Medical School Postdoctoral Fellowship — provides training in the psychological treatment of individuals with moderate-to-severe substance use disorders (SUDs), many of whom have co-occurring psychiatric conditions. Website Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis beginning on November 1, 2021. The deadline for applications is February 1, 2022. To apply, please send your curriculum vitae and cover letter, along with 3 letters of recommendation or contact information for 3 references to: Robin Gay, Ph.D. 978-464-2141 ext. 222 e-mail: ude.dravrah.naelcm|yagr#ude.dravrah.naelcm|yagr

McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School (Postdoctoral Position in Clinical and Contemplative Neuroscience. Postdoctorate will work under the mentorship of Dr. Matthew Sacchet within the Meditation Research Group and collaborate on projects that advance one or both of the neuroscience of depression and/or neuroscience of meditation. Experience in fMRI analysis required. See [] for details; email ude.dravrah.naelcm|tehccasm#ude.dravrah.naelcm|tehccasm with CV, cover letter, and three references; review of applications begins immediately.

Michigan State University (Postdoctoral fellowship for an NSF funded study on broadening participation and inclusion in academia. Fellow will work with the research team at Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. See the job ad for details; applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, review begins 11/03/2021. Start date as early as January 2022. Email Dr. Kendra Cheruvelil (ude.usm|csk#ude.usm|csk) with questions.

National Institutes of Health (Postdoctoral fellowship in the Health Communication and Behavior Unit, Intramural Research Program, Social and Behavioral Research Branch, NHGRI, NIH. Fellow will engage in behavioral science projects related to health behavior change, health education, stigma, and research methods including virtual reality technology methods. See [])

National Institutes of Health (Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Phenotyping Service, Intramural Research Program, NIMH/NICHD. Fellow will engage in analysis of neurodevelopmental data from studies of rare genetic conditions. Looking for candidate who is familiar with neurodevelopmental assessment and has a strong interest in learning/improving quantitative analysis skills for their future research career. See job ad for details)

National Institutes of Health (Postdoctoral fellowship in the Section on Translational Biophotonics, NICHD Intramural Research Program. The postdoc will work on a longitudinal study investigating the neural basis of the human mirror system in typically developing infants and infants at risk for neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism spectrum disorder, using EEG and fNIRS. See job ad for details)

Naval Research Laboratory (Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mental Simulation and Reasoning, Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence, Human and Machine Intelligence Branch. Position focuses on behavioral and computational explorations of human reasoning. See the Reasoning Lab website and the NRC fellowship website for details; email lim.yvan.lrn|inalmehk.ynnus#lim.yvan.lrn|inalmehk.ynnus and include a current CV.)

New York University, New York (Postdoctoral Associate job ad. The Motivation Lab at New York University (Prof. Gabriele Oettingen. is looking for a 2-year post-doc with possible extension (start date: Sept, 2022). The position involves working on a number of different projects related to motivation including the anti-social outcomes of having one's knowledge conflicted by counter-evidence or skeptics (see A. Gollwitzer & Oettingen, 2019), examining the use of individualized interventions to heighten intellectual humility (recognizing that one's beliefs may be wrong), and applying machine learning techniques and decision trees to identify how individuals can autonomously heighten their intellectual humility (with the goal of reducing polarization and mental rigidity in society).

New York University, New York (Postdoctoral Associate job ad. The Lab for the Developing Mind (, PI: Moira Dillon) in the Department of Psychology at New York University is seeking a full-time Postdoctoral Associate. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. The preferred start date is anywhere between January 2022 - July 2022. Areas of investigation in the lab include: early emerging knowledge about objects, agents, and places; symbolic and abstract thought and reasoning in the domains of geometry and logic; pictorial and linguistic production; and the relation between human and machine intelligence. The lab uses behavioral and computational approaches and tests participants ranging in age from infants through adults. The Department of Psychology at New York University offers a rich intellectual community in the developmental and cognitive sciences.)

New York University, New York (Postdoctoral Associate job ad. Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Associate position in the Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science at New York University, in the laboratory of Clayton Curtis, Ph.D. A highly qualified Postdoctoral Associate is sought to contribute to all aspects of the research including data collection, study design, data analysis, grant writing, conference presentations, and scientific publishing. The lab has two NIH funded projects that aim to understand the neural mechanisms underlying working memory. The studies use psychophysics, eye-tracking, fMRI, TMS, and computational modeling. Experience in one or more of these domains, including strong quantitative skills, is required. The lab and PI has a successful track record of developing the careers of postdocs and preparing them for independent academic careers. Review of candidates will start immediately, and will continue until the position is filled.)

New York University, New York (Postdoctoral Associate; job ad; Dr. Pamela Morris is seeking a Postdoctoral Associate to join her research team to begin Summer/Fall 2022 to work on projects spanning parenting, school readiness, early childhood education, and pre-kindergarten at the intersection of research, practice, and policy. Preference will be given to applications received before December 1, 2021)

New York University (Postdoctoral Associate; job ad; Dr. Andrei Cimpian is hiring a Postdoctoral Associate to work on a range of topics in cognitive and social-cognitive development, including stereotyping, motivation, explanation/intuitive theories, and essentialism. The Postdoctoral Associate would join Dr. Cimpian’s Cognitive Development Lab at New York University. The start date is Summer 2022. The position is for one year and is renewable based on performance and availability of funds. The salary is competitive with standards for federally funded postdoctoral positions. Review of applications will begin on February 1, 2022 and will continue until the position is filled. Qualifications: A PhD in psychology, education, or related field. A track record of published research on topics relevant to the Cognitive Development Lab’s work. Application Instructions: To apply please visit Applicants will need to provide (1) a CV, (2) a cover letter that describes the applicant’s research interests, (3) two writing samples, and (4) contact information for three references.)

Northwestern University (Post-Doc Position, Writing Analyst; [] The Writing Analyst will lead efforts in conceptualizing, drafting, editing, proofreading, and formatting scientific content for program development, scientific manuscripts, and presentations intended to support the research goals of the Gershon lab at Northwestern University’s Department of Medical Social Sciences. This position may be full or part-time.; Review of candidates will start immediately, and will continue until the position is filled.)

Northwestern University (NIMH funded MHE T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship, multiple positions; []; The core of NU-MHE’s training is the characterization of neurodevelopmental mechanisms of psychopathology within lifespan and environmental contexts. This neurodevelopmental emphasis will be complemented with training across three intersecting spheres: (1) Applied computational and other advanced data science methods; (2) intervention and prevention/implementation research and strategies; and (3) the intersection of mental and pediatric health. Each fellow will select one of these spheres as an area of concentration for more in-depth training, along with their core training in neurodevelopmental mechanisms of psychopathology. Fellows will develop a mentoring team comprised of (a) a mentor in neurodevelopmental and environmental mechanisms of psychopathology and (b) a mentor in their chosen sphere of concentration. ; Review begins January 20, 2022)

Northwestern University (Postdoc in the Culture, Brain, and Development Lab, with focus on one of the two following areas: 1) adolescent brain development, fMRI task design, and fMRI data collection and analyses, OR 2) parenting and adolescent development from a cultural lens, longitudinal data analyses, multilevel modeling, and structural equation modeling; job ad; rolling review, preferred by Dec 1, 2021)

Northwestern University (NIH-funded postdoctoral fellowships in cognitive/developmental neuroscience and iEEG; job ad; rolling review)

Pacific University (School of Graduate Psychology AY 22-23. Post-Doc (Bilingual) - School of Graduate Psychology; job ad)

Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Department of Cognitive Science, Jean Nicod Institute Two-year position on social cognition in a broad sense, using experimental, survey, or big data methods; PI, to contact for inquiries:Hugo Mercier; job ad; review begins July 1st 2021)

Penn State University (Postdoctoral trainee in the Prevention and Methodology Training Program);; Applicants should have research interest in substance use, prevention, and statistical methodology. Funded by NIH/NIDA T32. Application review begins 12/15/21. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents due to NRSA rules. Positions begin in 2022.

Prague University of Economics and Business (Postdoctoral Associate in Applied Ethics and Morality Research Group; job ad; We are looking for a half-time position colleague to work in our research group interested in experimental methods in behavioral ethics, moral psychology, and the research on dishonesty. Application deadline 10/31/2021)

Princeton University (Postdoctoral Fellowship; The Stigma and Social Perception Lab (Dr. Stacey Sinclair) in the Department of Psychology at Princeton University is seeking a postdoctoral research scholar to join an on-going research project that uses nationwide data to examine the association between collective-level racial bias and racial achievement gaps. For more information and to apply, see job ad; Posted: 7-27-2021)

Princeton University (Postdoctoral Research Associate for Kahneman-Treisman Center for Behavioral Science & Public Policy. Looking for individuals working in the areas of behavioral science and human decision-making with a focus on inequality, poverty, social determinants of health, or financial decision-making. For more details and how to apply, see []. Start date is 9/1/2022).

Princeton University (Postdoctoral Research Associate - SPIA/PSY 502 - in Psychology or related disciplines with behavioral and policy relevance. For more information and to apply please go to: [] start date as early as 8/1/2022.

Purdue University (Postdoctoral Research Associate for NIH-funded study of telehealth-based methods for neurodevelopmental assessments, working with Dr. Bridgette Kelleher in the Neurodevelopmental Family Lab in the Department of Psychological Sciences; for more details and how to apply, see job ad; review begins immediately; start date as early as 8/1/2021)

Purdue University (Postdoc Research Associate for NIH funded study of youth in farmworker/agricultural families, working with Dr. Taylor in HDFS and Dr. Ruiz in Public Health; for more details and how to apply, see []; review begins Dec 1st)

Rutgers University-New Brunswick (Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Excellence Postdoctoral fellow -Psychology Department- review begins 1/10). One-year position with an option for a one-year renewal.The successful applicant will be expected to develop and maintain an active research program, pursue extramural postdoctoral funding to extend the original appointment, and teach one to two classes per year in the Psychology Department. The department seeks an individual whose background will contribute to and enhance the diversity of the department and the field of Psychology at large in any of, or a combination of, the following ways: (a) The applicant is a person who belongs to a group that has been historically underrepresented in Psychology (b) The applicant’s research expertise contributes to Diversity Science, broadly construed (i.e., as defined below), in any area of psychology or brain science.

Ryerson University (Postdoctoral Fellowship in Hearing Rehabilitation / Social Psychology / Health Psychology). The postdoc will join an existing research program focused on hearing rehabilitation utilizing methods drawn from psychology and hearing science. Qualifications for this position are a PhD in psychology or a related field and a strong statistical background. Having good programming skills and experience in the development of online studies is considered an asset. The successful candidate will work closely with Gurjit Singh (Senior Research Audiologist, Sonova; Adjunct Professor, Ryerson) and Frank Russo (Director, SMART lab; Professor, Ryerson). The SMART lab is affiliated with the Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and Lifespan Development Research Clusters at Ryerson (@RyersonPsych) and the Communication Research Group at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (@TRI_UHN). The lab is also 1 of 3 dedicated auditory research labs at Ryerson and part of the Toronto Auditory Research Group. Salary for this position is $60K CAD/year and the position can commence as early as August 1, 2021. Potential candidates should submit a brief statement of interest, and a CV/Resume to Dr. Frank Russo (ac.nosreyr|ossur#ac.nosreyr|ossur).

San Diego State University (Postdoc in LGBTQ+ Health/Eating Disorders; job ad; review starts ASAP)

Santa Clara University (Postdoctoral Fellowship in Behavioral Neuroscience. Minimum 2-3 year position with competitive salary and relocation bonus. For more info see job ad or email ude.ucs|yadallahl#ude.ucs|yadallahl. Review begins 7/1/21)

Stanford University (Postdoctoral Fellowship) The Snyder Lab at the Stanford University School of Medicine (PI: Michael Snyder) seeks to hire a full-time postdoctoral research fellow as soon as possible in multi-omics (e.g., proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, genomics), precision medicine research on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). The project is led by Dr. George Slavich (UCLA) and co-directed by Dr. Snyder. Position available immediately. The initial job appointment is for one year, with the possibility of renewal for a second year. See job ad for details. Apply here. Deadline Nov 30, 2021.

Stony Brook University Consortium Postdoc Program Seeking 4 full time clinical postdocs (3 adult focused, 1 child focused). Advanced training in behavioral intervention research, DBT, mind-body medicine, and hospital based care (i.e., psychiatric emergency care, consultation liaison service and inpatient psychiatry) is available. See full job posting here: SBU Consortium Postdoc Program. Review begins 11/1/21 and will continue until filled.

Temple University (Postdoctoral Research Associate for NIH-funded study of age-related differences in social and economic decision making, working with Dr. David Smith in the Neuroeconomics Laboratory in Philadelphia, PA, USA; for more details, see job ad; review begins 10/25/2021 and will continue until the position is filled)

Texas A&M University Postdoc in the Multimethod Affect and Cognition lab, using EEG, fMRI, EMA, treatment of depression and anxiety; Job and Application Details; MAClab; UPDATE NOV. 2021: SEARCH IS STILL ONGOING.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (Clinical Child/Pediatric Psychology; Apply on APPA CAS)

Thomas Jefferson’s Department of Family and Community Medicine seeks two post-doctoral scholars to start in Summer 2022 and on a rolling basis for 24-36 month T32 fellowships. The purpose of these fellowships is to train and prepare a diverse group of researchers to conduct groundbreaking research related to addiction, serious mental illnesses (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar, depression), and telehealth within primary care. All trainees will be paired with a highly experienced mentor with expertise in grant applications, study design, research conduct, and community-engaged research. The Program Director, Lara Weinstein, is a highly experienced researcher and clinician who will guide the overall program (email questions to ude.nosreffej|nietsniew.aral#ude.nosreffej|nietsniew.aral).
All applicants should submit a cover letter and CV in one file when they apply.
Program Requirements:
- Applicants must have a Ph.D., M.D., D.O., D.D.S., D.M.D., Pharm.D. or comparable doctoral degree from an accredited domestic or foreign institution.
- Fellows must also either be a citizen or a noncitizen national of the United States or have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence at the time of appointment.
- Fellow will meet weekly with their mentor to ensure their successful completion of their research as well as preparing them for the job market.
- Fellows will also be asked to attend a weekly research seminar and to participate in monthly research development workshops.
- Fellows are expected to submit a minimum of two research papers per year and to submit an application for at least one grant to fund their research.
The fellowship aims to recruit and train researchers from diverse academic backgrounds and from under-represented minorities with the skills to become independent scientists and who are prepared to address the urgent issues of addiction and serious mental illnesses. Philadelphia is a city with a highly diverse but segregated population with a deep need to improve services to address addiction (particularly with opioids) and mental health treatment. Mentors from primary care (Dr. Lara Weinstein, Dr. Randa Sifri, & Dr. Amy Cunningham), emergency medicine (Dr. Kristin Rising & Dr. Anna Marie Chang), psychiatry (Dr. Robert Sterling), and psychology (Dr. Erin Kelly) are available to guide fellows and fellows are expected to collaborate on research publications, grant submissions, and presentations related to urgent community needs with their mentors. Quarterly reviews of research progress will help ensure timely progression of research and that expected milestones are met.
Salary for fellows is based on the NRSA minimum and years of experience.
See application details for positions (JOB IDs 9260616 and 9260618) and learn more on our website at:

The New School for Social Research, New York, NY (Postdoctoral Researcher; start date flexible, open until filled). Wendy D'Andrea's Trauma and Affective Psychophysiology Lab at The New School in New York City is looking for a postdoctoral research scholar. The ideal candidate would be comfortable analyzing physiological data while working within a trauma frame. The goal of the fellowship is to provide extensive opportunity to publish with an existing data set. The lab group is friendly, energetic, innovative, and fond of karaoke. Please feel free to contact Dr. D'Andrea with inquiries directly at ude.loohcswen|waerdnad#ude.loohcswen|waerdnad. The formal application and job description can be found at this link:

Uniformed Services University (Postdoc with focus on military suicide prevention; Lab Website; job ad; review starts immediately)

Uniformed Services University/The Metis Foundation, Bethesda, MD (Postdoctoral fellowship position focused on Prevention and Treatment of Disordered Eating and Excess Weight Gain within the Military Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (MiCOR) Program; job ad; applications will be reviewed as they are received)

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (Postdoc researcher in healthy aging; []). The Naturalistic Observation of Social Interaction Lab (Director: Matthias Mehl, Ph.D.) in the Psychology Department at the University of Arizona is seeking applicants for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. The full-time position is for one year, but renewable beyond that. The postdoctoral fellow will work closely with Dr. Mehl on a large interdisciplinary NIH research project on Predictors of Healthy Aging. The project has a focus on natural language use (as it relates to healthy aging). Experience with linguistic analysis would be ideal but is not required. Members of the research team include, among others, neuroscientists, physicians, engineers, and computer scientists.

University of Alberta, Canada (Postdoc in cognitive neuroscience; []; rolling review) The Memory for Events (ME) Lab (PI: Dr. Peggy L. St. Jacques) invites applications for a fully funded postdoctoral researcher to lead cognitive neuroscience research investigating memory for real-world events. The postdoc will contribute to research examining the neural mechanisms by which people form and remember immersive memories for realistic events. Candidates excited about functional neuroimaging of memory for real-world events, the role of visual perspective in shaping mental models of events, and/or the use of state-of-the-art immersive virtual reality methodologies to study event memory are encouraged to apply.

University of Bergen, Norway (Postdoc/Research scientist in addiction; job ad; deadline 10/1/21)

University of Bergen, Norway Research scientist in the field of Addiction at the Department of Psychosocial Science, deadline 01/12/2022. There is a vacancy for a temporary research scientist at the Department of Psychosocial Science, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen for up till 12 months (depending on date of hiring). The end date of the project is July 31, 2023. The position is affiliated with the Addiction Research Group and the project: «Using REGistry-based studies to alleviate the burden of GAMbling problems (REGGAM)». The work consists of analyses of register-based data that examine various risk factors for gambling problems (longitudinal data with many data points and large number of subjects).

University of California, Davis (Postdoc in ERP methods development; job ad)

University of California, Davis (Postdoc in executive function, math, and equity; job ad)

University of California, Davis (Postdoc in quantitative developmental methodology; job ad)

University of California, Irvine (clinical psychology or neuroscience; multiple post-docs available in the UCI Biobehavioral Research on Adolescent Development Lab, including general clinical adolescent, neuroscience/fmri, Spanish-speaking/clinical adolescent; contact lab manager directly for detailed listings:||uahcyl; job ad; rolling review)

University of California, Irvine (STEM education, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology) The Science of Learning Lab at the University of California, Irvine School of Education is hiring a full time Postdoctoral Scholar, who will support projects on children's reasoning development, anxiety, and mathematical learning. Expertise in any of these areas is required. The anticipated (but flexible) start date is October 1, 2021, and the appointment is for one year, with possibility of renewal based on performance and availability of funding. To apply, please go to job ad)

UCLA Anderson - Behavioral Decision Making (job posting; review starts 2/1/22). 1-2 postdocs will be hired for up to a 3-year appointment starting summer 2022. These positions are designed to support talented scientists in making behavioral research contributions that can substantially advance both theory and practice in human judgment, decision making, and other domains of behavior. The Behavioral Decision Making (BDM) area at UCLA Anderson is home to researchers interested in the study of human judgment and decision making behavior, broadly construed. Often jointly appointed in other academic areas, BDM faculty members have expertise in behavioral economics, cognitive and social psychology, marketing, organizational behavior, behavioral finance, behavioral strategy, and public policy, among other disciplines.

University of California, Los Angeles (Postdoctoral Fellow) The UCLA Laboratory for Stress Assessment and Research (Dr. George Slavich) is seeking a postdoctoral research fellow in the psychobiology of drug use and health disparities among sexual and gender minority youth. Position available immediately. Remote or hybrid work is possible. See job ad for details. Apply here. Deadline Nov 15, 2021.

University of California, Los Angeles (Postdoctoral Fellow) The UCLA Laboratory for Stress Assessment and Research (Dr. George Slavich) is seeking two postdoctoral research fellows in the psychoneuroimmunology and tailored prevention of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress. Positions to begin August 2022. Appointments are for one year with the possibility of renewal. See job ad for details. Apply here. Deadline Nov 30, 2021.

University of California, Riverside (Postdoctoral Scholar; funded project examining cognitive aging (perception, memory), brain aging (diffusion, fMRI), psychophysics, eye-tracking, and metacognition of the locus coeruleus in older adults; job ad)

University of California, San Diego (Postdoctoral fellow; Seeking postdoc to spearhead multi methodological studies using fMRI and EEG to evaluate TMS interventions to treat mood and mental health disorders. Search is currently open. For more information see website)

University of Chicago (Postdoctoral fellow; T32-funded postdoc to study the cognitive neuroscience of maladaptive decision making in eating disorders. More details here: job ad)

University of Delaware (Postdoctoral Researcher) - Clinical/Developmental/Affective Neuroscience; NIMH R01-funded study examining examining longitudinal change in brain networks that contribute to anxiety development during early adolescence, with a focus on pubertal hormone. Review starts immediately and start-date is flexible. Contact Dr. Jeffrey Spielberg at ude.ledu|psmj#ude.ledu|psmj. More information here: job ad

University of Delaware (Postdoctoral Researcher) - Clinical Psychology & Neuroscience; NIMH R01 funded study examining brain networks that contribute to impulsive and harmful behaviors in adults with externalizing disorders. Review starts immediately and start-date is flexible. Contact Dr. Naomi Sadeh at ude.ledu|hedasn#ude.ledu|hedasn. More information here: job ad

University of Florida (Postdoctoral Associate) - Developmental Psychology and Health Communication; NCI R01 funded study examines a therapeutic intervention for older patients with serious cancer diagnoses. More details here: job ad Rejection received 12/5

University of Florida (Postdoctoral Research Associate)—Center for Behavioral Economics Health Research; NIAAA R01 funded study to develop an mHealth intervention for substance use in non-college young adults. Opportunities to work with multiple funded faculty; initial 2-year appointment to begin 2022 (start date negotiable). Contact Dr. Jalie Tucker at ude.lfu|teilaj#ude.lfu|teilaj. More details here: []

University of Florida (Postdoctoral Associate) - School Mental Health Research focused on Racial Equity funded by Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute and National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities. Candidates with experience in academic-community partnerships, school mental health research, and/or health disparities research with children and families are especially encouraged to apply. Contact Dr. Joni Splett at ude.lfu.eoc|ttelps#ude.lfu.eoc|ttelps. More details and job posting here {}

University of Georgia (Postdoctoral Associate focused on developmental health psychology); contact Dr. Katie Ehrlich (ude.agu|hcilrhek#ude.agu|hcilrhek) with a brief statement of interests (start date flexible; job ad)

University of Georgia (Postdoctoral Associate focused on couple/family relationships, health disparities, and prevention to begin summer 2022). Contact Dr. Justin Lavner at ude.agu|renval#ude.agu|renval. More details and job posting available here []

University of Houston (Postdoc in Social, I/O, or Diversity Science to work on an 3-year NSF funded project focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion; job ad; review starts immediately)

University of Houston (One to two-year Postdoc position in Clinical Child Psychology for a NIMH-funded effectiveness-implementation trial examining a trauma-informed, behavioral sleep intervention for children in foster care. POSITION STARTS SUMMER 2022. Inquiries should be sent to Candice Alfano, Ph.D. at||onaflaac. Also see. []; review of applications starts January 2022)

University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) (Bridge to the Faculty (B2F) Postdoctoral Research Associate in Clinical and/or Community Psychology; []); apply by December 15, 2021)

University of Kansas (1-2 Postdoctoral Researcher Positions in eating disorders; Fellows will receive mentorship from Dr. Kelsie Forbush, with opportunities for co-mentorship from Dr. Sara Gould (Director of the Eating Disorder Center at Children’s Mercy – Kansas City). These two-year positions will emphasize clinical research. Post-doctoral Fellows will access to outstanding research resources, newly renovated facilities, expert co-mentorship from several faculty conducting research on unhealthy eating behaviors, statistical mentorship, and access to m-Health development technology to facilitate progress toward a future academic or industry career. job ad; start date 2021 or 2022)

University of Kent, UK (Postdoctoral Research Associate in Forensic Psychology / Cyberpsychology on grant-funded project focusing on help-seeking by people at risk of perpetrating online sexual harm; 1 year position to start in January 2022; job ad; Application deadline: 23.59 hours BST on Tuesday 19 October 2021)

University of Kentucky (Postdoc in Developmental, Clinical, or Quantitative Psychology to work on a 3-year DoD funded project focusing on cognitive, academic, behavioral, and socioemotional development of children (ages 2-18) with neurofibromatosis type 1; []; review starts immediately)

University of Lethbridge, Canada A two-year post-doctoral position (Apr 2022 – Mar 2024) is available to assist with the Alberta Gambling Research Institute’s National Project on Gambling and Problem Gambling (ANP): . Send cover letter and CV to ac.htelu|smailliw.treboR#ac.htelu|smailliw.treboR. For more details see

University of Maryland, College Park (Postdoc in Global Mental Health, Addiction Science, and HIV; to start in Summer 2022; review of applications is rolling through Jan 2022; job ad)

University of Maryland, College Park (Postdoc in Addiction and Implementation Science; to start in Summer/Fall 2022; review of applications is rolling through December 2021; job ad)

University of Maryland, College Park (Postdoc in Hearing and Speech Sciences; President's Postdoctoral Fellowship converts to TT faculty position after 2 years; Seeking candidates who will contribute to diversity in academia; job ad)

University of Michigan (Postdoctoral Fellow in ADVANCE Program Focused on Faculty Development and Inclusion; job ad; Rolling until filled)

University of Michigan (Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Position is with the Emotion and Self-Control Lab with Dr. Ethan Kross. For more information see job ad)

University of Michigan (Postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Psychology in the area of Diversity and Equity in Higher Education with Dr. Isis Settles (ude.hcimu|selttesi#ude.hcimu|selttesi for questions). For more details and to apply, see: job ad; review of applications is on rolling basis and a start date as early as Fall 2021 is possible)

University of Michigan (LSA Collegiate Fellowship job ad)

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (Postdoctoral Traineeship in Genetic and Neurobehavioral Mechanisms of Addiction, its Risk Factors, and Consequences; Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; For more details and to apply, see: job ad

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (Robert L. Kane Postdoctoral Fellowship in Long-Term Care and Aging; For more details, see: []; review begins 2/15/2022)

University of Missouri, Columbia (Preparing Future Faculty Postdoc in Social/Personality Psychology; job ad; deadline 9/27/21) Rejection received 10/27

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Postdoctoral researcher in Affective Neuroscience; Seeking postdoc to spearhead NIMH- and NSF-funded research exploring individual differences in emotion processing and regulation. Start date negotiable. See here for more information and here to apply)

University of New Hampshire Postdoctoral Diversity and Innovation Scholar in Developmental Psychology. This position is part of the Postdoctoral Diversity and Innovation Scholars program that opens a pathway to the professoriate for highly talented, underrepresented postdoctoral scholars. See program page: Position listing: Deadline: November 22, 2021.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (PI: Eva Telzer and Mitch Prinstein) Seeking up to 2 postdoctoral researchers for the WIFI Initiative ( in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience studying the role of technology and social media on adolescent development. PhD-level researchers with study management and analytic skills, experience in fMRI data, experience with social or developmental neuroscience methods, and an interest in adolescent interpersonal experiences, psychological symptoms, emotion and risk behaviors are encouraged to apply. Positions could begin as early as Jan 2022, but a summer start can also be considered. Please submit a CV and cover letter to Zelal Kilic at ude.cnu|lalez#ude.cnu|lalez.

University of Notre Dame - Suicide Prevention Initiative The University of Notre Dame Suicide Prevention Initiative is seeking applications for two, full-time postdoctoral fellows. Postdoctoral Fellows will devote approximately 50% of their time to research centered on primary and secondary prevention and 50% to direct patient clinical care. See for more details. Please provide a personal statement outlining your research and clinical interests and qualifications, your curriculum vitae, and contact names of three people who can provide references upon request. Documents can be sent to Ted Beauchaine (ude.dn|ahcuaebt#ude.dn|ahcuaebt), Director of Child and Adolescent Services, and Brooke Ammerman (ude.dn|1mremmab#ude.dn|1mremmab), Director of Adult Services. Deadline: January 1, 2022.

University of Nottingham Applications are invited for a postdoctoral fellow position to work with Dr. Danielle Ropar’s research team on a funded international, multi-site replication study examining autistic communication and rapport (original study: Crompton et al., 2020, Autism). The postdoc will direct operations of the project at the Nottingham site, including coordination with other sites, recruitment of participants, and data collection, management, and analysis. They will also contribute to the dissemination of results at conferences and in journal publications, with the opportunity to lead some of these outputs. Applications close January 9th 2022. For more details and to apply, see

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Postdoctoral Research Associate in Autism Spectrum Disorders. This position is part of an NICHD-funded R01 study examining sex differences in early autism. Position is part of the Harrop Lab @ UNC.

University of Pennsylvania Postdoctoral research fellowship at the Center for Weight and Eating Disorders (PI: Tronieri). For more information, see job posting. Please send cover letter and CV to jena.tronieri at Posted 1/18/2022. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis in Spring 2022.

University of Pennsylvania Postdoctoral fellowship program in Science of Science Communication at the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. For more information, see website. Please send the letter of interest, CV, and names of two references to ude.nnepu.cppa|ecnanif#ude.nnepu.cppa|ecnanif. Decisions for Fall 2021 will be made on a rolling basis. Applications for Spring of 2022 are due October 1, 2021 for a January 2022 start. Please indicate what starting semester you are applying for when submitting your application.

University of Pennsylvania (Postdoctoral fellows, Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice. Deadline 12/31/2021. Fellowship and Center information at website; apply here: job ad)

University of Pennsylvania Postdoctoral fellows, Social Action Lab. Rolling Review. Multi-year position depending on performance. Please send letter of interest and CV to ude.nnepu|ablad#ude.nnepu|ablad.

University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine (Instructor - Implementation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (appropriate for a postdoc); job ad; review begins 6/8/21)

University of Pennsylvania Postdoctoral Fellow, Humanities and Human Flourishing Project (expertise in psychology, cognitive science, clinical science, or a related field with research interests in psychology of aesthetics, creativity, empathy, well-being, and intervention design; job ad; posted 11/18/2021; rolling applications until position is filled)

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Postdoctoral fellowship at the Health Promotion Research Center of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in tobacco regulatory science research, including the areas of flavored tobacco product use, tobacco health communication and/or prevention, epidemiology of tobacco use, and/or health disparities in tobacco use. Qualifications include a doctoral degree in social/behavioral sciences, public health, psychology, or other relevant area. Excellent writing and analytic skills required. Experience with tobacco research, experimental and quantitative methods, or analysis of large population-based datasets are preferred. Salary and benefits are excellent. For details about the position or to apply send a CV and 1-2 page cover letter describing research interests and career goals to Dr. Amy Cohn at ude.cshuo|nhoc-yma#ude.cshuo|nhoc-yma

University of Oregon Dr. Maureen Zalewski at the University of Oregon is seeking a postdoctoral scholar to assist with two funded research studies relating to maternal mental health and its impact on parenting and child development. For more information about the position and how to apply, go to website. Once you have applied please notify Maureen Zalewski (ude.nogerou|ikswelaz#ude.nogerou|ikswelaz).

University of Pittsburgh: (Part-time statistical and data analysis consultant for the Geography of Philosophy Project;; The Geography of Philosophy Project, funded by the John Templeton Foundation, seeks a part-time statistical and data analysis consultant for a period of one year. The consultant would help to develop and run statistical models of cross-cultural survey data, and assist with analysis and write-up of results for project publications. The position includes co-authorship on all publications contributed to, as well as a consulting fee (around $10,000-$12,000). Estimated workload is between 5 and 10 hours per week. The position is open at any level post-PhD. A record of experience in psychometrics, or quantitative social science is required. Specific experience with common psychometric and multilevel packages in R and/or cross-cultural research is preferred. Applicants can send their current CV, sample publications, and a cover letter with names of three references to co-PI Professor Edouard Machery at ude.ttip|yrehcam#ude.ttip|yrehcam. Informal inquiries also welcome with Edouard Machery or Igor Grossmann (ac.oolretawu|amssorgi#ac.oolretawu|amssorgi). Candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of our research team are particularly encouraged to apply. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

University of Richmond (Postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Disparities in The EQUITY Research Lab; job ad); currently accepting applications)

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio UT Health San Antonio, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences is seeking qualified, highly motivated applicants for a postdoctoral fellow in substance use research. Opportunities in clinical trial research on opioid use disorder, stimulant use disorder; implementation and evaluation within the Tx Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (TxMOUD) network; technologies for substance use disorder treatment; data analysis and research design. (see Job Ad to Apply; posted 7-8-2021)

University of South Carolina The Early Social Development and Intervention (ESDI) Lab at UofSC is seeking a postdoctoral research fellow to assist with several NIH-funded research studies related to infant development and early identification of autism spectrum disorder. Research focuses on quantifying the emergence of, and interrelations between, social behavior, visual attention, and motor skills in neonates, infants, and toddlers at elevated likelihood of ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders (learn more at To apply, please send a CV and Cover Letter to ude.cs|wahsdarbj#ude.cs|wahsdarbj

University of Southern California Two postdoctoral positions available in the Davis School of Gerontology at USC, with a focus on the cognitive neuroscience of aging. Background in cognitive or clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, or neuroscience with research experience focusing on human participants preferred. Competitive salary and benefits. To apply, please send cover letter and CV to ude.csu|hciet#ude.csu|hciet.

University of Southern California Neuroimaging-focused postdoctoral position available in the Neuroendocrinology of Social Ties (NEST) Lab, directed by Dr. Darby Saxbe, to study brain and behavioral changes over the transition to parenthood. More information available here:

University of Texas at Arlington Postdoctoral Research Associate, I/O Psychology. 1-year position to begin Fall 2022, working with Dr. Erin E. Bowen, A. Dale Thompson Endowed Professor of Leadership, as part of growing team focused on leadership, decision-making, organizational culture, human error, and team performance in the new Leadership Across High-Consequence Industries (LAHI) lab. Oversee student researchers, assist in industry partner development, conduct research, collaborate on manuscripts and pursue funding opportunities. Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology or related discipline and interest in application of psychological science to high-consequence industries (defined as those in which the consequences of error or failure are catastrophic; e.g., aviation, health care, nuclear power, etc). Previous research experience in leadership, decision-making, organizational culture, as well as familiarity with SEM and/or other advanced statistical tools, is a plus. Submit current CV, cover letter, and names of 3 references to Dr. Bowen at ude.atu|newob.nire#ude.atu|newob.nire.

University of Texas at Dallas Applications are invited for a postdoctoral fellow position to work with Dr. Noah Sasson’s research team on a funded international, multi-site replication study examining autistic communication and rapport (original study: Crompton et al., 2020, Autism). The postdoc will direct operations of the project at the UT Dallas site, including coordination with other sites, recruitment of participants, and data collection, management, and analysis. They will also contribute to the dissemination of results at conferences and in journal publications, with the opportunity to lead some of these outputs. Applications close January 31st 2022. For more details and to apply, see

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW; job ad; Open Until Filled )

University of Utah The Immersive NeuroModulation and Neuroimaging lab in the University of Utah Department of Psychology is seeking a postdoctoral research fellow to help lead a NIH-Funded research study focusing on the Mechanisms of Amygdala-Mediated Memory Enhancement in Humans using intracranial EEG and direct amygdala stimulation in humans. The postdoctoral fellow would also have opportunities to work on novel studies of real-world cognitive neuroscience using direct brain recordings as participants with implanted iEEG recordings navigate the large, real-world spaces. This position is renewable for up to 5 years and will involve leadership of a project across multiple sites around the US. For more information please reach out to Cory Inman at ude.hatu.hcysp|namni.yroc#ude.hatu.hcysp|namni.yroc. To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to ude.hatu.hcysp|namni.yroc#ude.hatu.hcysp|namni.yroc and ude.ltsuw|eilliwtnoj#ude.ltsuw|eilliwtnoj. We look forward to hearing from you!

University of Vermont Drs. Garavan and Allgaier of the Department of Psychiatry are currently accepting applications for a post-doctoral fellowship, and two pre-doctoral fellowships (NIH-NRSA), starting as soon as August 1, 2021, within an exciting training program on the application of Big Data methods to large-scale, multi-modal (neuroimaging, genetic, psychometric) datasets, in the context of addiction research. These positions are renewable for a second year; learn more at website. Please contact ude.mvu|navaraG.hguH#ude.mvu|navaraG.hguH and ude.mvu|reiagllA.salohciN#ude.mvu|reiagllA.salohciN for informal enquiries.

University of Vienna The Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Vienna is currently accepting applications for a Postdoctoral Research scholar to work on the University Research Platform ´Stress of Life (SOLE) – Processes and Mechanisms underlying Everyday Life Stress, in the lab of Dr. Urs Nater. The post-doc will be both scientifically and structurally involved in the platform. He or she will be instrumental in coordinating the conceptual and theoretical development of a modern and updated theory/model of everyday life stress. A major task will be to develop and prepare a population-based study, the Vienna Everyday Life Study. Further, he or she will serve as research coordinator for seed grant projects and other projects related to SOLE. Application deadline 11/24/2021. Learn more at: SOLE

University of Virginia, School of Arts & Sciences The Departments of Psychology and Biology at the University of Virginia seek to fill a novel Postdoctoral Research Associate position to help co-direct and administer an NSF sponsored National Research Training program. This program will contribute to building diversity, non-academic careers, and interdisciplinary skills in graduate STEM education. []; review begins 11/15/2021.

University of Washington, Seattle The Department of Psychology at the University of Washington invites applications for a postdoctoral scholar to work on a NIMH-funded Center grant, IMPACT, focused on optimizing mental health treatment for children and adolescents in under-resourced, publicly-funded settings (e.g., community mental health, schools). The postdoctoral scholar will join a collaborative team led by internationally-recognized implementation scientists at the University of Washington and Kaiser Permanente (Shannon Dorsey, Cara Lewis, Bryan Weiner, Aaron Lyon, Michael Pullmann). The postdoc will also have the opportunity to develop their own projects, participate in mentoring, and other clinical or research-related training experiences based on the interests of the fellow (global mental health, trauma-focused CBT, etc.). More information here:job ad; Review of applications will begin on 11/15/21, but applications will be thoughtfully reviewed and considered until the position is filled. Start date is flexible.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Postdoctoral Clinician will provide individual, family, and/or group psychotherapy, psychological evaluation/assessment, and consultation services in the Psychology Research & Training Clinic – the training clinic for the PhD Clinical Psychology program serving community clients. Education: Minimum – Ph.D or Psy.D. in Clinical or Counseling Psychology from an accredited program. Official graduate degree must be conferred prior to start of employment. Work Experience: Minimum – Successful completion of a clinical psychology internship prior to start of employment. Preferred – Successful completion of an APA or APPIC member clinical psychology internship. Licenses and Certifications: Clinical supervision toward licensure will be provided. Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities: Ability to perform assessment and intervention psychology services. Ability to work effectively with diverse populations and across the developmental and multicultural spectrum. Proven interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with other professionals. Ability to function independently as appropriate for level of training with at least a moderate degree of responsibility. Training and proven ability to act ethically according to professional code of conduct for psychologists. Ability to provide written documentation relevant to practice in a timely manner. Work Schedule: Part-time, 20 hours per week. Shifts scheduled Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Hours may vary based on the needs of the program. Contact: Dr. Linnea Burk, ude.csiw|krub#ude.csiw|krub.

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Postdoc T32 Trainee position with Training Program in Emotion Research; []; deadline 2/15/22)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee A postdoctoral position is available with the Milwaukee Trauma Outcomes Project and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Medical College of Wisconsin. Fellows will be co-mentored by Dr. Christine Larson and Dr. Terri deRoon-Cassini. The fellow will support NIH funded projects examining relations between neurobiological indices (multimodal neuroimaging, endocannabinoid signaling) and socio-environmental stress and protective factors (e.g., neighborhood disadvantage, discrimination, social support, community cohesion), and in turn how these measures predict long term risk for PTSD and other outcomes among recent trauma survivors. Imaging experience preferred. Review of applications will begin effective 11/1/2021. []

University of Zurich (two postdoc positions, one with a focus on virtual reality and one with a focus on leadership, organizational behavior, and/or human resource management) The Center for Leadership in the Future of Work in the Department of Business Administration at the University of Zurich is currently accepting applications for postdoctoral scholar positions, one that focuses on whether and how virtual reality technologies can be used to improve the world of work for people, and one that focuses on leadership, emotion, and motivation. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, with a first review scheduled for August 9, 2021. Please see the links for further details:
VR postdoctoral position: job ad
Leadership/OB/HRM postdoctoral position: job ad

VISN 17 Center of Excellence for Research on Returning War Veterans (Central Texas VA) (Two 2-yr Postdoctoral Fellowships Available 75% Research, 25% Clinical; The CoE is a unified scientific and educational center of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs designed to foster broad spectrum inquiry into the mental health problems associated with combat exposure. Our Center is uniquely capable of conducting translational research on the biochemical, neurological, and psychological bases of the physical and mental health problems commonly afflicting our Veterans and their families. job ad; deadline 1/25/22)

Virginia Commonwealth University (Dr. Nicholas Thomson, Director of Research at the Injury and Violence Prevention Program at VCU Health, is currently accepting applications for a 5-year NIMH funded post-doctoral fellowship, beginning immediately, with a focus on understanding biological markers for callous-unemotional (CU) traits in youth with conduct disorder. Applicants should be proficient in administering and coding psychophysiology. Those with experience/interest in clinical psychology and intervention research are strongly encouraged to apply. Interested applicants can learn more and submit an application here: job ad; review begins immediately)

Virginia Tech Multiple openings are available immediately in the labs of Dr. Pearl Chiu and Dr. Brooks King-Casas at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute ( Projects in the labs use fMRI to examine the neuroscience of motivated behavior and social influences on decision-making with methods adapted from behavioral & computational neuroscience, experimental economics, computational psychiatry, and psychology; ongoing projects focus on processes in healthy and psychiatric individuals. Qualified candidates with basic science backgrounds are welcome, and training in applied science will be provided; a subset of projects also involve multi-dimensional biomarker development. For interested candidates, the labs provide plentiful opportunities to examine how neurobehavioral anomalies may be quantified and rehabilitated in depression, substance dependence, post-traumatic stress, personality disorders, and at-risk adolescents. (see Job Ad to Apply)

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Not a post-doc, but a permanent non-academic researcher position…The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Division of Research and Data Analysis (RDA) is seeking a quantitative social science researcher interested in applying research skills directly to work that can improve programs and policies for vulnerable populations. Our team is interdisciplinary, including researchers with backgrounds in economics, sociology, psychology, health services, geography, statistics, and related fields. The current opening may involve evaluation and research in the area of children's mental health services, among other program and policy areas. (job ad posted 11/19/2021; applications due 12/12/2021)

Yale School of Medicine, Child Study Center (one year grant funded postdoc position on Bereavement Project— with opportunities to provide grief-sensitive training to non-mental health care professionals, adapt training curricula, conduct national polling research on bereavement training in the US, and provide assessment and treatment services for youth and/or adults at the Yale Child Study Center outpatient psychiatric clinic; contact project director directly for detailed information: ude.elay|llewol.adnama#ude.elay|llewol.adnama; Bereavement Project job ad; review begins 6/8/21)

Yale School of Public Health Qualitative Methods Postdoc (job ad; review begins 10/15/21)

Yale University, Department of Psychology(two year postdoc position. The Susan Nolen-Hoeksema Postdoctoral Associate in Integrative Psychology. Applications in any area of psychology are encouraged, especially from candidates with research interests that are integrative across areas and levels of analysis and applicable to one or more domains of psychopathology or its treatment (i.e., areas in which Professor Nolen-Hoeksema took special interest). More information and to apply: job ad; review begins 12/1/2021)

Washington University in St. Louis (Postdoctoral Research Associate — This position is for a Postdoctoral Research Associate to work with Dr. Emily Willroth in the Well-being and Emotion across the Lifespan Lab (the “WELL” lab) in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences. The Postdoctoral Research Associate would contribute to grant-funded research on well-being and cognitive decline in healthy older adults, as well as older adults with mild cognitive impairment and dementia. The role would primarily involve secondary analysis of existing data, with the option to participate in new data collection. The start date for this position is between July 1 and September 1 of 2022. job site; Applications will be received until the position is filled - the position begins between July and September 2022)

Wayne State University (Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biobehavioral and Social Health); for information please email Dr. Zilioli at ude.enyaw|8080vf#ude.enyaw|8080vf; rolling deadline, flexible start date)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Research Scientist/Postdoc; education, psychology, computer science, information science or a related field. Similar to the role of post-doc, the initial appointment is for one year, renewable based on mutual interest and continued funding. for more information, see job ad)

Wofford College (Postdoc, 2 yr appointment, rolling review begins June 1, 2021, Prior neuroscience research with rodent animal model required, Primary expectations include conducting neurophysiological recordings of afferent gustatory signals in a mouse animal model, training and supervising undergraduate student researchers and managing the neuroscience laboratory. Submit: (1) a cover letter, (2) curriculum vitae, and (3) contact information for three professional references to Dr. Dave Pittman at ude.droffow|wdnamttip#ude.droffow|wdnamttip)

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