Archive of 2009-2010 Psychology Job Wiki

Alaska Pacific University
-Counseling Psychology (job ad): Phone interview offer 2/3

Alliant University-Los Angeles
-Clinical (job ad):

Alliant University-San Diego
-Clinical (2 positions) (job ad): Heard two offers made but not accepted yet 1/27/10

Albion College
- Social (job ad): application acknowledged via letter 11/5; contacted for phone interview 11/17; contacted for on campus on 12/11; will interview three people in early to mid-Feb; was told after inquiry that they're getting ready to make an offer 2/23; offer made on 2/22 and declined on 2/26; offer made on 3/2 and declined on 3/12

American University
- Developmental: received email asking if still interested in job, 1/03, 1/06; campus interview invite, 1/20

American University at Cairo
- Community Psychology, Social, Cognitive, or Experimental Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, posted 1/21/10

American University of Sharjah
- Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of International Studies, posted 2/3/10; Interviews conducted March 31-April 7, posted 4/11/2010

Amherst College
- clinical (job ad): application acknowledged via email, 10/14; on-campus interview scheduled for Dec. on 11/16; 12/14 interview held, will notify candidates within weeks; rejection letter x3 , 1/11; 1/13
- Social Teaching & Research Post-doc: Application acknowledged in January, and noted more applications than expected; They invited 2 folks for on-campus interviews in late Feb. Position filled mid February posted 2/24/10.
-Visiting Faculty Position in Social Psychology: received rejection letter 4/12/2010 indicating position has been filled.

Angelo State University
- I/O (job ad): campus interview 02/08

Appalachian State University
- Social : 11/09 phone interview
- Community: 11/11 phone interview; 11/16 phone interview; rejection letter received 2/22

Argosy University/Tampa
-Social: contacted for phone interview, 03/09, campus interview 03/19, offer extended 04/21

Argosy University/Phoenix
-Clinical (job ad):10/7 campus interview; 11/4 offer declined

Arizona State University
- Open (Barrett Honors College) ([])
- Social (New College) (job ad): Application acknowledged: 11/10; email confirming search ongoing with interview selections to be decided in the coming weeks (and a reminder that this is a New College job) received 12/4; campus interview invite 12/17
- Cognitive (New College) (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/13; email confirming search ongoing with interview selections to be decided in the coming weeks (and a reminder that this is a New College job) received 12/4; Invitation to on campus interview 12/17; position has been filled 3/10
- Developmental (job ad):received email that committee has started reviewing applications 1/27; campus interview offer 2/10; rejection letter 4/7; position filled
- Cognitive (job ad): Application acknowledged 12/22; heard from colleague that campus interviews have been scheduled 1/26; job talks posted on department calendar 2/5; position has been filled 3/15
- School of Social and Family Dynamics (quant focus) (job ad): 4 candidates asked for campus interviews 1/25; offer made 2/22
- Educational Psychology: 2/28-any updates??

Auburn University
- Clinical, I/O (2 positions) (job ad):applicant acknowledged 9/10; on campus interview 11/10; Jobs offered to two candidates 12/01; both offers taken 2/5;

Bard College
- 2 year visiting position: contacted for campus interview 3/15; campus interview scheduled for 3/17; offer accepted 4/9

Baruch College of the City University of New York
- I/O: (job ad): phone interview 3/15; on-campus interview 4/12

Baylor University
- Behavioral neuroscience (job ad):
- Clinical psychology (job ad): phone interviews 10/12, 11/10; 12/18—heard they offered position to a candidate

Berea College
-Social-Post-doc: contacted on 11/20 for phone interview; contacted on 12/4 for on campus interview in early Dec; Post-doc search closed due to funding 2/1

Binghamton University (State University of New York)
- Cognitive Neuroscience (job ad): application acknowledged 9/14; Campus Interview - mid December; offer made Feb. Offer declined.; received email inquiry saying search is ongoing mid-March; contacted about interest in position, their search is still ongoing, 3/22; on-campus interview offer made 3/24; Offer Made 4/7.

Black Hills State University
-cognitive: phone interview invite, 1/7

Bloomsburg University

Bluffton University
-Open (job ad): phone interview 12/22, on-campus interview 1/28, rejection letter dated 03/01, states that the position has been filled.

Boise State University
- Counseling, Personality, Gender, and/or Developmental (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/17; phone interview 10/19; Rejection email, 11/18; Rejection e-mail said, "We have completed our search process for the full-time tenure track appointments in the Department of Psychology," 11/18; informed this email was mistakenly sent to all candidates and they are still seeking a developmental candidate; developmental interview 12/17.; 12/23 offer made; offer accepted.
- Research Methods / statistics (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/29; rejection email, 11/18.

Boston College
- Social (job ad): Application acknowledged; campus interview 10/7; 3 other campus interviews scheduled; offer made 12/11; Offer accepted 1/30
- Non-tenure-track adjunct (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/5

Boston University
-Clinical (job ad): search canceled due to budget concerns
-Cognitive Neuroscience (job ad): interview scheduled (1/18)
-Developmental (job ad): Application acknowledged via email 10/14; campus interview 12/10

Brigham Young University
- Open (job ad): Rejection letter, 1/04;

Brooklyn College (City University of New York)
- Cognition (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/6; campus interview invitation 12/23; rejection letter, 2/1;2/2; 5 candidates to be interviewed-decision expected by Feb 28th.
- Neuroscience (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/29;rejection letter 1/5;
- Child/Adolescent Psychopathology (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/13; 11/25 — heard other searches are delaying their ability to complete this search; campus interview early Feb; Offer made, 3/17

Brown University
- Social (job ad): contacted for interview 1/14
- Visual Perception/Cognition (Full Professor) (job ad):

Bucknell University
- Biological Bases of Behavior(job ad): Phone interview scheduled 12/29; rejection letter indicating hire had been made 04/12.
- Health (job ad): campus interview scheduled 11/6; campus interview scheduled end of Nov; offer made 12/13

Butler University
-I/O or Bio/physio psych (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/13; phone interview 11/13; offer accepted 12/22

California State University, East Bay
- Biopsychology (job ad): Search cancelled according to email received from their contact person. Ad removed from APA posting (9/23);

California State University, Monterey Bay
-Clinical (job ad):rejection email 4/12/10;

California State University, Northridge
- Child development (job ad): letter that search cancelled due to budget problems dated 11/12
- Family and Consumer Sciences (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/23;

Carnegie Mellon University
- Behavioral decision research and policy (job ad):, currently interviewing
- Social/health/personality: acknoledged receipt of materials 2/12 received letter indicating that this search has been cancelled 4/7

Carthage College
- Social (job ad): contacted for phone interview 11/18; contacted for phone interview 11/18; phone interview scheduled for 11/20; campus visit 12/9

Case Western Reserve University
- Communication Sciences (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/29; Rejection email 12/9;
- Cognitive Science: higher-order cognitive operations (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/22- position still waiting budgetary approval, will begin review of application in December; application acknowledged (12/16) via email with review of application to begin after January 1; In response to email inquiry, told search on hold until March due to budget concerns (2/5). Received email stating search is closed- requested senior candidate but dean decided no hire. Will probably hire next year (4/13).
- Open (job ad): Application acknowledged 12/22;

Central College (Iowa)
-General (job ad): phone interview (early Nov.) and formally checking references; campus interview offer mid-Dec.; offer made 12/18; offer accepted 1/2

Central Michigan University
- Human Development and Family Studies (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/20; Application acknowledged and request for additional information 12/3; emailed to check on progress and heard they are in the interview stage (2/3); rejection letter 3/1

Central New Mexico Community College
-Open (job ad):

The City University of New York
- Cognitive Neuroscience (Associate or Full Professor level) (job ad)
- Educational Psychology:

Claremont Graduate University
- Positive Psychology (The School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences): Application acknowledged 2/26; application acknowledged and affirmative action info requested 3/10; campus interview offer, 3/23

Clark University
- Clinical (job ad): Rejection letter received late Nov. x 2—letter states they have already started interviews. Campus interview 12/1

Colby College
- Clinical/Experimental Psychopathology (job ad): scheduled campus interview 11/13; rejection letter received stating they had filled the position

Colby-Sawyer College
- Child Development (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/22; phone interview 12/7; campus invite for Feb., 1/29;

College of Charleston
- Cognitive (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/19; phone interview offer 12/3; Campus interview offer 12/16; offer made 2/5 (are you taking it?); offer accepted 2/21 (sorry it took so long—best of luck)
- Clinical (job ad): Deadline extended to 2/15; phone interview 3/3

College of Holy Cross
- Developmental (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/5; Interview scheduled 11/23; chair called and asked if still on the market 1/22; campus interview early Feb; offer extended and accepted 2/19

College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University
- Open (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/14; phone interview early Nov.; campus interview early Dec.; offer made 12/10; offer accepted 12/22

College of William & Mary
- Cross-cultural (job ad): E-mail received stating the search has been "suspended" until next year due to budget problems 10/22

Columbia College
- Developmental (job ad):phone interview scheduled for January; campus visit scheduled 2/8; received rejection 2/26; campus visit the week of 3/15 and 3/22; called to see if I was still on the market and interested in the job (I have already accepted another position) 4/21

Concordia University (Canada)
- Clinical (job ad): notification that of short list 11/17; Rejection email 11/26
- Human Lifespan Development (job ad): Campus interview scheduled 11/18; position offered 1/14.

Concordia University-Wisconsin
-Open (job ad): Rejection letter received, stated that they have chosen individuals to interview, 12/5

Connecticut College
- Open (job ad):

Converse College
- Clinical (job ad): Email received indicating they will start reviewing 1/16. Phone interview offer 2/2

Cornell University
- Policy: website shows job talks scheduled 11/24; offer extended and accepted 12/22

Creighton University
- Industrial/Organizational or Applied (job ad): offer accepted 2/2/10

Curry College
- Clinical/Counseling (job ad): Phone Interview 12/22; Campus Interview offer 1/5

Daemen College
- Open (job ad): application acknowledged by personnel dept 8/24; someone on the search committee contacted me to say this was actually a position in cognitive, but that they will also open one in social 8/12; contacted for phone interview 11/9; contacted for phone interview 11/10; phone interview 11/14; Campus interview scheduled 12/3; campus interview scheduled 12/09; Offer extended 12/24.

Dartmouth College
- Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience (job ad):
- Social Psychology/Social Neuroscience (job ad): application acknowledged after email inquiry 10/5; Notified on 'long short-list' 11/4; Campus interview invitation 11/13; Campus interview invitation 11/13; offer made & accepted.

Daytona State College
-Open: phone interview 03/29/10, campus invite 04/01, offer extended and declined, 04/21

Delaware State University
- General (job ad): Application acknowledged 11/9; appl acknowledged after email inquiry 11/16; phone interview for 12/17; campus invitation for early Feb, 1/15;

Delta College
-Open (job ad): Phone interview 11/13; campus interview scheduled 1/15;

DePaul University
- Developmental (job ad): E-mail acknowledgment of receipt of paper application 11/30, and told that all information must be uploaded for electronic review; heard that committee is meeting today to review applications, 1/07; campus invite for early February, 1/09; the committee will be making an offer to their top choice by the end of next week, 2/5; was told by the chair that an offer was made to another candidate (congrats!), 2/23;
- Community (job ad): rejection letter 02/10;
- Human Development (job ad):phone interview, 1/9; rejection email 1/20; inquired about status of search and was told they have interviewed three candidates, 2/22; position is accepted by their top candidate and the other 2 interviewees were informed regret (3/2)

Dixie State College (Southern Utah)
-Clinical/Counseling job ad ongoing 3/18; still accepting applications 4/5
-Open job ad; ongoing 3/18; still accepting applications 4/5

Dominican College
- Open (job ad): application acknowledged 10/28; phone interview requested 12/1; request for phone interview 12/1; phone interview 12/7; contacted fo on-campus interview 1/5; rejection letter (dated 1/26)

Dominican University
- Counseling or I/O (job ad): acknowledged 10/14; rejection letter saying the search completed (11/30)

Drake University
- Open: Invitation for phone interview (1/24); Invitation for a campus interview (2/8)

Drexel University
-Clinical: 1/18—heard that they do not yet know when decisions will be made regarding interviewees

East Carolina University
- Clinical (job ad):

Eastern Illinois University
- School psychology (job ad):

Eastern Kentucky University
- Open (able to teach undergraduate Sensation & Perception): campus interview offer (2/4); rejection e-mail from department chair stating that an offer has been accepted (3/8)

Edgewood College
- Clinical/Counseling Psychology (job ad): Phone interview offered 2/23; campus interview 3/1;

Elizabethtown College
-Cognitive/Experimental Psychology (job ad): sent app 2 days late, told by HR that they had received so many apps that absolutely no late apps were accepted (weird!); 2 Campus interviews december; received email from HR saying position filled (1/18)

Elon University
-Community Psychology/Psychology in the Public Interest (job ad): contacted for on-campus interview (1/12); campus interview scheduled for 2/10, campus interview scheduled for 02/12; Told committee was made to make decision 2/16

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide
-Open: phone interview, 02/19, campus interview invite 03/22

Emmanuel College
-Developmental: phone interview 1/22; on-campus interview 1/30; planning to make a hiring decision first week in March

Empire State College
-Open: phone interview 04/12

Endicott College
-Open (job ad): phone interview and checking references 1/22; on-campus interview offer 2/4; after inquiry informed they have made their shortlist 2/23

Everest College
-Open (job ad):
-Open (job ad):

Fairleigh Dickinson University
- I/O (job ad): Phone interviews scheduled for November; Finalists notified(12/23); Offer accepted (1/19)

Fayetteville State University
-Developmental Psychology (job ad): The committee is planning on meeting this week to choose a chair for the committee, 10/22; Invited for phone interview, 11/16; phone interview scheduled for 12/1; contacted about my availability, they will be bringing people to campus soon, 3/23;
-General Experimental Psychology (job ad):phone interview, 11/09
-Counseling Psychology (job ad):
-Counseling/Clinical Psychology (job ad): Email update stating that phone interviews will occur in mid January, with campus invites occurring in Feb., 12/22/09; phone interview last week 1/25/10; contacted for phone interview 2/2.; offer accepted 4/24.

Fayetteville Technical Community College
-Open (job ad):

Florida Gulf Coast University
-Open (job ad):

Florida International University
-Developmental Psychology (job ad):application acknowledged via email 12/1; notification of short list status 1/7; phone interview scheduled for 1/12; 2 campus invites for mid-February, 1/15; said they will be making a decision soon, 2/21; Offers made, 3/8; Offers accepted, 3/12;
-Child Clinical Science:

Framingham State College
- Open (job ad): phone interview invite 12/8; rejection email 1/13; notified offer made and offer accepted 2/10

Franklin Pierce University
- Open with ability to teach experimental, research methods, statistics. Application acknowledged 11/30/09. Rejection letter received 3/22.

Frostburg State University
- Open (Lecturer) at Hagerstown campus. Application acknowledged 12/5. Phone interview 2/5.

Fuller Seminary Graduate School of Psychology
-Applied Developmental Psychology (Thrive Chair); interview invitation (1/13)

Georgia College & State University
- Cognitive (job ad): phone interview invite (2/9); campus interview invite (2/20); offer made & rejected (3/11)

Georgia Gwinnett College
- Social. Application acknowledged 11/19; HR department stated that the search is ongoing, 02/16/10

Georgia Perimeter College
-Open (job ad):

Georgia State University
- Clinical psychology (job ad): Offer accepted 3/9/10.
- Social psychology (job ad): application acknowledged via e-mail 11/2; campus interview 12/13; job offer 2/10 (declined 2/20)
- Language & Literacy:

Georgia Southern University
-Clinical (job ad:) phone interview scheduled 11/30; in person interview offer for January

Gettysburg College
- Clinical (job ad): on campus interview Nov.

Gordon College
- Social-Personality (job ad): Application Acknowledged; phone interview scheduled 11/17

Grand Valley State University
- Aging (job ad); campus interview February; rejection email 3/15

Gustavus Adolphus College
- Cognitive (job ad): Application acknowledge via letter (12/11); short list of candidates sent to provost for on-site interview approval (1/18); was informed by department chair that search committee is still in the early stages of deliberations (1/20); campus interview invite (2/20); after inquiry informed still in midst of campus interviews 2/23; offer made & accepted (3/11)

Hamilton College
- Neuroscience (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/21; email from search committee inviting applicants to meet with committee members at the upcoming SFN and Psychonomics Conferences, 10/15; meeting committee member at SFN on 10/19; videoconference interview scheduled for 11/23; heard they invited 3 people to campus in January; Talks listed on the campus calendar (Jan 22 - Feb 1); heard that they made an offer, 2/15
- One-year visiting position (job ad): Behavioral Neuroscience or other areas.

Hagerstown Community College
-Open (job ad):

Harvard University
- judgment and decision making/neuro-economics, developmental cognitive neuroscience, or human behavioral genetics/brain genomics (job ad): Application acknowledged after email inquiry 10/16; Campus interviews 12/9; (talk calendar); rejection letter 2/2

Hartwick College
- 3 yr. Visiting Assistant Professor: Developmental (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/12; Campus interview scheduled for early December, 11/12; they will be making an offer to their top choice before the holiday; Offer made, 12/29; Offer declined, 1/12; offer made mid December and offer declined 12/29;

Hastings College
- I/O (job ad): Application Acknowledged 10/14; Offer accepted, early December.

Hillsborough Community College
-Open (job ad):

Hobart & William Smith Colleges
- Cross-Cultural Psychology (job ad): rejection letter, 03/29

Hofstra University
- I/O (job ad): Phone interview scheduled (10/27); rejection e-mail (11/20); campus interivew (12/01 & 12/08); the line was put on hold due to economic concern by the school administration (12/10); the line was re-activated (1/5); Job offered to candidate (1/7); offer declined, search continues (1/20); campus visits invited (1/28); campus interview scheduled (02/09); offer extended and accepted (3/10). Search concluded.

Holy Names University
- Counseling/Clinical:

Howard University
-Social: Application acknowledged 10/12

Illinois State University
- I/O (job ad): Application Acknowledged (9/15); rejection letter (11/20); offer accepted 2/23

Immaculata University
- Clinical (job ad):

Indiana University Northwest
-Cognitive: phone interview 2/17; campus interview 3/4; offer accepted 3/16

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
-Clinical: rejection email 1/25/10
- I/O (job ad): campus interview 12/10; offer extended Mid December;

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IUPFW)
- I/O (job ad):

Indiana University, South Bend
- Cognitive/Learning Psychology (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/24; Application Acknowledged, 10/12; phone interview, 11/13; Rejection letter in the mail, 11/17; on-site interview scheduled for early Dec; offer made, 12/20; offer accepted, 1/19

Ithaca College
- Sport & exercise, 1 yr, non-tenure track (job ad):

Jacksonville University
- Developmental; Cognitive Development (job ad): Inquired about search status, said they invited 2 candidates to campus, 2/9; rejection email 3/15

James Madison University
- Developmental Psychology (job ad): Application Acknowledged 9/22, 10/19; Phone interview scheduled for 11/13; Phone interview scheduled for 11/19; Campus interview scheduled for January; campus interview scheduled for February 1/22; offer made and accepted 2/16
- Social Psychology & Research Methods (job ad):Acknowledged 10/11; Phone interview scheduled, 11/16; was told position has been stalled at the moment due to budget constraints & they have not received permission to continue with phone interviews but hope to soon; Phone interview scheduled, 12/10, offer made and accepted, 2/9
- Biopsychology (job ad):

John Carroll University
- Experimental Cognitive Psychology (job ad): notified short list on 1/30; campus interview offer (2/9); offer made on 2/27 (3/8); offer rejected (3/11)

Johns Hopkins University
- Cognitive Neuroscience/Cognitive Psychology, in Psychology and Brain Sciences department (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/6; campus interview scheduled (11/16); campus interview scheduled (11/17); interview scheduled (1/12); heard an offer was made (2/15); rejection letter 3/1
- 1+ positions in cognitive science department (vision or psycholinguistics job ad):

John Jay College of Criminal Justice (City University of New York)
- Experimental Psychology and the Law (job ad):
- Clinical Forensic Psychology (job ad):
- Lecturer in Psychology (job ad):
All positions extended to 3/30/10 deadline. Unclear why.

Kent State University (cluster hire between psychology and biology)
- clinical child: received notification of being on the long short-list 1/7
- adult psychopathology; interview scheduled 1/20; offer made early Feb;
- behavioral neuroscience

K.U. Leuven
- Psychometrics and Quantitative psychology (job ad):

Lafayette University
- Visiting Position in Experimental Psychology (job ad):
- Visiting Position in Social Psychology (job ad):

Lasell College
- Open, Cross-cultural, community, clinical, biological, or neuro (job ad): phone interview invite (1/20)

Lehigh University
- Cognitive development (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/8; told that committee was starting to review apps the week of 11/23 & should have short list in December; campus interview scheduled for January; inquired about search and was told that they have completed their campus interviews and will be making an offer shortly, 2/15; heard an offer had been made, 2/19; rejection letter saying position has been filled, 2/23; offer accepted 3/22

Lenoir-Rhyne University
-Experimental/Development (job ad): Contacted for a phone interview, 2/9;

Lesley University
- Counseling (job ad):

Los Angeles City College
-Open (job ad):

Lycoming College
- Biopsychology, Physiological Psychology, or Behavioral Neuroscience (job ad): Interviews completed 2/22; rejection email 3/25 position filled

Macomb Community College
-Open (job ad):

Manchester College
- Open: application acknowledged (12/2); Phone interview invite (2/5); campus interview invite (2/20); rejection letter- stated name of person they selected 3/20

Manhattan Marymount College
-Health Psych (job ad): appl acknowledged by letter 12/9; after inquiry informed will create short list next week 2/23; phone interview invite (3/4); phone interview (3/12)

Marist College
-open: phone interview, 1/7; invitation for on-site interview, 1/20
-school (

Maryville University
-I/O: Phone interview 01/26; rejection e-mail 01/28;

Marywood University
-open: after inquiry informed they are scheduling interviews 2/23

Marquette University
- Behavioral Neuroscience (job ad):
- Clinical Psychology (job ad):

Maryville University of Saint Louis
- Open; Prefer organizational behavior/leadership, health psych, or human development (job ad): on-campus interview 03/09

Metropolitan State University
- Open (job ad): Application acknowledged via email 9/20; Rejection E-mail 1/28; phone interview offer 2/23;

McGill (Educational and Counselling Psychology) rejection email 3/11 (x2)

Metropolitan State College of Denver
- Educational Psychology: rejection email (2/26) (x2)
- Social Psychology (two positions):

Miami Dade College
-Open (job ad): Phone interview 11/17; rejection e-mail 12/18

Miami University (of Ohio)
-Clinical: acknowledged receipt of application 11/10; phone interview 12/4

Michigan State University
- Developmental (job ad): Application acknowledged via email 12/7; Received word that committee would be meeting on 1/12 to review applications; rejection email after inquiry, 1/21; Received word that first round of interviews are all scheduled, 2/12; made job offer to top candidate, 2/26; Offer accepted, 3/11
- Social (Visiting): Campus interview invite 2/11, Offer accepted 3/21

Michigan Technological University
- Open, 2 positions (job ad): Application acknowledged via email 9/23; Phone interview invitation 1/7/10 (for assist prof); Job reposted (deadline unchanged) (reposted job ad) 1/11; Campus interview 1/12;

Middle Tennesee State University
- I/O (job ad): rejection email 02/22

Midwestern State University
- Specialization Open (job ad): phone interview scheduled for 12/4; Rejection Letter 1/11; Offer accepted 2/4

The Mind Research Network/U. of New Mexico
- Neuroscience (job ad):

Misericordia University
Social Psych (job ad): application acknowledge via affirmative action form 11/19; phone interview scheduled for 12/17; rejection email after phone interview 01/11; on-campus interview scheduled for 02/08

Missouri University of Science & Technology
- Clinical (job ad):

- Cognitive Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience (job ad): Application acknowledged by email 10/30; campus visit scheduled 01/07

Montclair State University
- Cognitive Psychology (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/19; Phone interview invite 11/21; Phone interview 12/11; Campus interview invite 12/26; offer made & declined, 2/22; rejection letter and position filled 4/26
- Education Psychology (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/19; 1/27 told that search was complete and the position filled; rejection letter, 2/15 (x2)
-Family and Child Studies: Phone interview invite 11/05; Campus interview invite 12/15; Top candidate offered position 2/22

National University
- Sports Psychology (job ad):

National University of Singapore
- Social (job ad):
- Adult clinical psychology (job ad):

National-Louis University
- Community Psychology (job ad):

The New School for Social Research
- Developmental/Cognitive/Social Psychology - Focus on Cognitive Development (job ad): application acknowledged 9/10. Email response to search inquiry saying position has been filled. (2/5)

New York Institute of Technology at Abu Dhabi
- Cognitive/Experimental/Physiological, posted 1/21/10

New York University
- Applied Psychology: Psychology and Social Intervention: rejection email 12/15; phone interview invite 12/16; campus interview invite 12/21; top candidate offered position 2/23

New York University, Abu Dhabi
-Numerous faculty positions, posted 1/21/10; campus interview scheduled 2/22

North Central College
- Clinical/Counseling (job ad): Phone interview offer (12/4); Campus interview scheduled second week of January

North Dakota State University
-Open rank, visual or cognitive neuroscience (job ad): word that there may be a temporary hiring freeze, 1/06;

Northwestern University
- Kellogg School of Management (job ad): received email indicating that they will not be interviewing/hiring anyone this year "due to unforeseen circumstances" 12/18
- Education and Social Policy:

Notre Dame
- Open Rank - Psychology/Peace Studies (job ad):

Nova Southeastern University
- Developmental - phone interview invite 1/21 for week of 1/25; offer made 3/17

Oakland University
-Clinical (job ad:) 12/8 - confirmation of application, will begin review after the holidays; 2/10 - On-campus interview offered & declined

Ohio University
- Social (job ad): application acknowledged 9/28; campus interview scheduled for 11/6; campus interview 10/29; after rejected offer, offer made 1/14, offer accepted 2/15
- Health (job ad): dept plans to hire 1 clinical and 1 experimental, 6 interviews scheduled for Jan & Feb (2/4); heard exp & clin hires made (2/28)

Ohio Wesleyan University
-Experimental, posted 1/21/10: rejection letter 2/19

Ohio State University
- Cognitive, Social, Developmental and/or Behavioral Neuroscience (up to 3 positions) (job ad): application acknowledge via Affirmative Action form (10/8); campus interview scheduled (11/11); rejection letter (dated 11/9)
- Health (up to 2 positions) (job ad):application acknowledged via Affirmative ACtion form (10/8) head offer was made to top candidate (2/15)
- Endowed Chair in prejudice and intergroup relations (job ad)
- Eminent Scholar in Social Psychology (job ad)
- Behavioral Neuroscience (up to 3 positions) (job ad)

Old Dominion University
- I/O (job ad): application acknowledged 11/20; hiring freeze 02/23;
-Health (job ad): appl acknowledged via affirmative action form 11/19; request for phone interview 12/7; phone interview 12/11; 1/13 heard to position is on hold; recieved email that position is on hold until further notice (a few weeks?) due to VA budget problems (1/26/10)

Okanagan College
-Abnormal/Personality (job ad):

Pacific University
- Clinical (job ad): Phone interview late Oct.; campus visit in Nov.; rejection letter received 12/8; job offered and accepted 12/29

Pacific Lutheran University
- Neuropsychology (job ad); phone interview end January

Pacifica Graduate Institute
- 1+ positions in: Clinical, Statistics, and Depth Psychology (job ad):

Penn State University
- Health (immigrant family) (job ad):
- Context and culture (open) (job ad); campus interviews invited (12/05)
- Lecturer (job ad):

Penn State University-Abington College
-Social Psychology (job ad): Phone interview 10/22; on-campus interview scheduled 12/9

Pepperdine University
- Graduate Psychology Program

Plymouth State University
- Cognitive Psychology (job ad): phone interview (12/1); phone interview 12/7; 2 campus interview offers (12/8); offer made (2/5); rejection email, 2/23 saying position filled

Purdue University
- Marriage and Family Therapy: Application acknowledged via Self-Report Form 10/29; letter saying search was suspended 12/15
- I/O (job ad):
-Quantitative - rejection letter 4/29
- Social Science Statistics & Methodology in CDFS: Letter acknowledging application sent 1/22 (posted 1/27); Rejection email indicating offer had been given 06Apr10;

Queens University of Charlotte
-Clinical/Open: Phone Interview 1/13

Quinnipiac University
- Open (non-tenure-track, preference for Statistics & Research Methods). Application acknowledged 1/13. Campus visits conducted Feb. Position filled 3/4

Red Rocks Community College
-Open (job ad): Application acknowledged via e-mail 11/19;

Reed College
- Cognitive Neuroscience (job ad) ; Phone interview 11/20; Campus interview for end of January; Received note indicating failed search, 3/30.

Rice University
- I/O (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/15

Rider University
- School Psychology (job ad):

Roger Williams University
- Cognitive Neuroscience (/ job ad): App. ack. 12/4; campus interview invite (1/3); position frozen prior to offer being extended (2/19)

Roosevelt University
- Developmental Psychology (job ad): Campus interview 11/9-11/10

Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest Centre (Toronto)
- Cognitive Neuroscience (job ad):

Rutgers University - Camden
-Clinical: Phone Interview 10/23; Campus Interview 11/13

Rutgers University - New Brunswick
- Health Psychology: Campus interviews in December and late January; heard that offer was made late January; (posted 2/4/10)

Rutgers University - Newark
- Social or Cognitive (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/23; Campus interview (11/13); Campus interview (11/16); Heard that this position was offered and accepted week of 12/21 (12/27); was told that the search is closed - they hired 1 cognitive psychologist and 1 social psychologist. 2/27-Rejection letter received, learned that approximately 200 applications received for the position.

Ryerson University (Canada)
- Developmental (job ad): Application acknowledged by email, 11/11; Requested additional information about application, 12/30 - it appears that they are pulling together a short list (email said they received over 100 applications); campus interview scheduled for January; videoconference interview scheduled for week of 1/04; campus interview invitation for early February, 1/11; finished their on-campus interviews and will be making an offer to their top choice in the next few weeks, 2/5; I was told that they offered the job to another candidate (congrats!), 2/20;
- Clinical (job ad):

Sacred Heart University
- I/O (job ad): phone interview 1/5
- Community Counseling (full-time lecturer):

Saint Louis University
- Clinical, two openings, (job ad): phone interview early Nov.; Invited for campus interview. In response to email inquiry informed that position has been filled, 2/8/2010.

Sand Hills Community College
-Open (job ad):

San Jacinto College
-Open (job ad):

Seattle University
- Neuropsychology, Biopsychology or Physiological Psychology (job ad): Acknowledged 9/30; Invitation of complete full application 11/11; Short-list contacted, informed they would be making campus invites later in the week, 1/24; campus invites have been made, 2/15

Shenandoah University
- One-year Visiting in Social Psychology. Phone interview requested 4/9. Offer extended late April. Offer accepted early May.

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
-personality Psych: application acknowledged 11/16 via letter; campus interview scheduled 1/21; notified via e-mail that an offer had been made and accepted.

Simpson College
- Experimental Psychology (job ad): Rejection letter, 11/18; Letter stating that the search was closed without hiring a candidate and that the position will be advertised in the future, 12/28; received email asking if I was interested in reactivating my application for the new developmental position, 2/23;

New ad. Developmental or Biopsychology position.

Singapore Management University
-Cognitive: (job ad): Application Received & Request for Additional Info 11/16; Campus interview invitation, 12/24; Interviews will be completed by first week of march 2/7; rejection letter after interview (other offers made) 3/15;
-I/O: (job ad): Campus interview invitation, 12/24; Campus interview 02/04 & 02/05; offer extended 3/15; offer accepted 03/22

South Dakota State University
-Open (prefer personality, health, social, cultural, and/or methods) (job ad): invitation to phone interview 3/15; campus interview invitation, 3/29

South University
-Open (job ad): position accepted, 4/19

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
- Social Psychology or related field (I/O) (job ad): Application acknowledged, 12/02; Inviting people for campus interviews, expect to fill position in the next few weeks, 2/19.

Southern Vermont College
-Health/Open (job ad): after inquiry informed they are getting ready to begin phone interviews 2/23; contacted for a phone interview 3/23

Spring Hill College, a Jesuit College in Mobile, Alabama
- Biopsychology or Clinical/Counseling. (job ad): Phone interview (2/12); notified that they are pulling the position and will repost it next fall (2/23)

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
- Child clinical/neuropsychology, 2 positions (job ad): 12/30 in person visit offer (schedule late Jan)

St. Lawrence University
- Developmental, visiting position (job ad):
- Social, visiting position (job ad): 3/18 asked if I was still interested because they are compiling short list, but nothing since then (now 4/1).

St.Mary's College of California
- Counseling; email stating they have completed their search, 4-15

St. Olaf College
- social/open (job ad): Phone interview scheduled via email, 10/30; campus interview scheduled, 11/12; Rejection letter, 1/20

Stanford University
- Organizational behavior (job ad): campus interview 11/14 (5 in total: 3 micro and 2 macro)
- Cognitive (job ad): request for additional information 10/31; campus interview scheduled 11/30, reject letter received 12/3;
- Developmental (job ad): Application acknowledged, 10/29; campus interview scheduled for 1/4; rejection email 3/24

Stephen F. Austin State University
- Open Specialization (job ad): Phone interview, 10/20; Campus Interview, 11/20; Declined offer 12/9.

Stony Brook University
-Clinical {was listed on, posting has been removed}; application acknowledged, 10/13, campus interviews ongoing; rejection email, 1/4

Suffolk University
-social/cognitive/cognitive neuroscience: application acknowledged, 10/17; informed that short list has already been contacted (1/18); inviation to site interview made to 3 people (1/29)

SUNY College at Geneseo
- Biological psychology (job ad):

-Experimental (sensation and perception, biopsychology, learning, etc.; job ad): phone interview (1/6); after inquiry informed that offer made and accepted 2/23; rejection email 2/25
-(Health Sciences) In person interview offered 2/25

- Open (job ad): Letter stating they are not accepting any more applications 12/3; received an email stating that they are still screening all the applications, 1/05; phone interview 1/31; rejection letter via email 2/3; invitation to campus interview 2/9; rejection letter 4/27

-Developmental: application acknowledged 1/15; short list 1/18; phone interview 2/10 X2; campus interview 3/1; job offer 3/29; offer accepted 4/2
-Cognitive/HCI: short list 1/18; phone interview 2/9; campus invite 2/17; offer made & accepted

- Clinical Neuropsychology (job ad):

SUNY-Stony Brook
- Clinical, 2 positions (job ad): application acknowledged via e-mail 10/13

Swarthmore College
- Cognitive neuroscience / Neuropsychology: application acknowledged 1/21 after I emailed them; visit scheduled for mid-March; Offer made end March.

Syracuse University
- Social/Quant: phone interview 1/13; Phone interview on 1/13; Told they invited at least 2 for campus interviews 1/29

Tennessee State University
-Open: phone Interview, 02/08; campus interview 03/03

Texas A & M University
- Clinical (job ad): application acknowledged via email, 10/4; 1/6 heard job offered and accepted; rejection letter received 1/30, job offered/accepted.
- Cognitive (job ad): Application Acknowledged via email 9/23; campus interview scheduled 11/12; campus interview scheduled 11/12; offer made 12/21; offer made 2/5
- Social, 2 positions (job ad): application acknowledged 9/15; campus interview 10/29; campus interview 10/29; campus interview 10/29; offer made 12/16; heard that an offer was made and turned down; heard through the grapevine that the funding may be frozen/cut for one/both positions; offer made 2/5 (declined 2/24)
-Psychology and Africana Studies: heard campus interviewing was completed and offer made 2/24; offer accepted 3/18

Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi
-Invitations for on campus interviews; 3/8/10 request for student evaluations from on-campus interviewees

Texas Christian University
- Cognitive (job ad): Phone interviews 12/15;

Texas Tech University
- Experimental (job ad): Application acknowledged via email 9/24; Campus interviews 11/5; Rejection email 12/17;

Tilburg University
- Social (two positions; job ad): Rejection email 3/18

Towson University
- Biopsychology/Behavioral Neuroscience (job ad): Phone interviews 11/13 & 11/16;
- Clinical (job ad): phone interview Oct.; offer accepted 11/30; 1/13 rejection received
- I/O (job ad): rejection letter stating that search process has concluded (1/25)

Troy University
- Open (job ad):
- School Psychology (job ad):

Union College
- personality or developmental psychology (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/5; phone interview, 10/21; campus interview Nov. 12th; campus interview Nov. 16th; Offer made; Offer accepted
- cognitive psychology visiting position (job ad); campus interview scheduled for mid-April

University of Alabama - Birmingham
- Open - non tenure track fixed 3 yr term (job ad):

University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
- Child Clinical - phone interview, 10/9; phone interview, 10/15; campus interview, November; offer accepted, 12/16; heard offer was extended, but not accepted yet 12/26; 1/29 - rejection letter stating that position had been filled
- Social/open (job ad); phone interview, 10/13; phone interview, 10/15; phone interview, 10/17; phone interview, 10/21; phone interview, 10/23; campus interview, 10/30; Rejection letter dated 11/19 stated that they wanted someone with traditional social psych training; both social positions filled; 02/05-rejection letter, and a nice one, they received 100 applications, interviewed top 20 people over the phone, invited 3 people on campus, and hired 2 of them.

University of Alaska - Fairbanks
- Community/Clinical (job ad): Phone Interview early Nov.; campus interview offer

University of Arkansas
-HDFS and Rural Sociology: 1/6 application acknowledged;

University of Bradford (UK)
- Cognitive (job ad)

University of British Columbia (Canada)
- Behavioral neuroscience (job ad): application acknowledged via email 9/18; note that search failed 4/14.
- Developmental Psychology (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/29; campus interview invite 12/1; offer made 3/2; rejection letter 4/7

University of Birmingham (UK)
- Social (two jobs): phone interview 10/12; phone interview 10/12; Video Interview 10/20; in person interview (for english candidates) end of october 10/21; rejection notification after interview; campus interview 10/30; offer made 12/16

University of California, Davis
- Clinical (job ad):
- Endowed Chair in Infancy (Social/Emotional) (job ad): Deadline extended to unknown date 1/22/10; scheduling interviews 3/19
- Extension Specialist (Adolescence) (job ad); interviews concluded 3/19

University of California, Los Angeles
- Cognitive neuroscience (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/21; campus interview scheduled 1/20
- Learning & Behavior (job ad): Application acknowledged 12/1; rejection letter received 1/7
- Human Resources/Organizational Behavior (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/30

University of California at Merced
- Developmental (job ad): Campus interview scheduled for 2/12; inquired about status of search and they have already invited all of their top choices for campus visits, 2/5; search committee still deliberating 3/19; email from search chair to ask whether still interested in the position 4/6; position filled 5/28,

University of Central Oklahoma
-2 positions (Clinical and Experimental) (job ad): Phone interview invite, 3/4

University of Chicago
- Experimental developmental (job ad): heard that they have put the search on hold, pending final budgetary approval, 2/5;
- Experimental social (job ad): campus interview 11/5; 2 additional interviews scheduled for December; offer made 12/31; offer accepted 1/5

University of Cincinnati
-Human development: Short list of candidates identified, campus invites to be made sometime next week, 1/21; rejection email, 2/3; inquired about their search and was told that it is still ongoing, 2/15; some campus interviews in March;
- Cognition, Action, and Perception (job ad, search 29UC5751); Review of applications begins on January 28; posted 1/29/10, rejection email 2/11 (posted 2/11/10); Rejection email 4/13;

University of Colorado at Boulder
- Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences - focus on language disorders (job ad):
- Educational Psychology & Learning Sciences (job ad): 12/01 will be compiling a short list in next few weeks; 2/28-any updates? 3/1, yes, I was contacted mid-Feb for additional materials - anyone heard anything since?; offer accepted, April 2010
- Clinical, any rank (job ad): application acknowledgement 11/01; 12/8-heard that decisions on interviews will be communicated in the next two weeks; received rejection email 2/9/10

University of Colorado at Denver
- School Counseling Psychology (job ad)
- Clinical, senior hire (job ad):

University of Dayton
- Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Biopsychology (job ad): Phone interview early Feb.

University of Delaware
- Behavioral Neuroscience (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/6;rejection letter 1/19

University of Denver
- Affective, Social, and Cognitive Science (job ad): Phone interview invitation, 11/24; campus interview invite 12/12; rejection letter received 2/8
- Developmental Psychology (job ad): Application acknowledged after email inquiry 10/12; campus interview invite 12/1; rejection letter received 2/8/10

University of Exeter

University of Florida, Gainesville
- Health (job ad): phone interview 1/17; phone interview last week 1/25/10; invited for in-person interview 1/26/10; rejection letter (2/15)
- Open : application receipt acknowledgement 11/18

University of Geneva
- Cognitive Neuroscience (Full Professor) (job ad):

University of Groningen (the Netherlands)
- History/Sociology of Psychology (job ad): application acknowledged (email) 12/04; rejection email 12/22
-Developmental: 12/23 rejection e-mail; 6 interviewees chosen (1/16)
- Applied Social: 12/23 rejection letter
- I/O Psychology: offer made 1/28

University of Guleph(Canada)
-I/O: application acknowledged (01/19);

University of Hartford
- Experimental Psychology (job ad): Application acknowledged, 11/11; received letter saying they will be reviewing applications shortly, 2/8; heard they are contacting candidate's references, 2/23; after inquiry informed deciding who to interview 2/23; contacted for campus interview 3/15; rejection letter received 5/3
- School Psychology (job ad):

University of Houston
- Educational Psychology (job ad):
-Clinical: 2/11—chair said they have chosen to offer position to interviewees

University of Houston-Clear Lake
- I/O (job ad): phone interview 1/7; heard campus interviews set for late Feb; offer accepted 3/3

University of Houston-Downtown
- Open - 2 positions: Job Ad: contacted for phone interview, 02/27/10, contacted for on-campus interview 03/09, offers extended and accepted, 04/15

University of Illinois at Chicago
- Neuroscience (job ad): 3 campus interview scheduled 11/6; when inquiring about status, was informed that search was cancelled due to state budget issues 1/15

University of Illinois at Springfield
- I/O (job ad): hiring freeze 02/24;

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- Quantitative (job ad): 1/28 - notice of hiring freeze; 2/12 - exempted from hiring freeze, updated applications due by 2/15; invited for interview 03/03

University of Iowa
- 2 positions in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience (job ad): interviews scheduled (11/12)
-Clinical (job ad): 12/22 heard they have offered interviews to several candidates, but process is still ongoing; in response to email query, heard job offered, likely to be accepted.

University of La Verne
- Clinical (job ad):

University of Louisville
-Clinical: 12/8—heard they were close to naming interviewees; 12/14 - invite for on-campus interview; 12/14 invite for on-campus interview - interviews to take place in Jan (last interview 1/27). 2/9 - Position offered and accepted
- Counseling:

University of Maryland, College Park
- Developmental Psychology (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/23; campus interview scheduled 11/5; 2 additional campus interviews scheduled. 1/13 Rejection letter via email. said over 150 applications received; rejection email 1/13.
- Counseling Psychology (job ad): 4 campus interviews scheduled; rejection email 12/11; Job offered to early Associate Professor candidate 12/17.
- Social, Decision and Organizational Sciences (job ad): application acknowledged 9/11; campus interview 11/8; campus interview 11/9; 2 additional campus interviews scheduled; received over 150 applications; job offer 12/18; offer accepted 2/17

University of Mary Washington
-Biological Basis of Behavior (job ad): application acknowledged 12/4; received e-mail reply stating that on-campus interview are underway 1/14

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
-Developmental: Application acknowledged via email, 1/28; Candidate talk posted on department website 3/5
-Psycholinguistics: Application acknowledged via email, they will be reviewing applications in the coming weeks, 1/20; on campus visit scheduled 2/23; rejection email, 3/1; five campus visits took place 3/9-3/29 according to departmental calendar; received rejection letter, which said position was filled 5/27;

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
-Developmental/Health: Phone interview, 2/8; campus interview scheduled for 3/9; campus interview 3/8; rejection letter received 3/23; position accepted 3/29

University of Massachusetts, Lowell
- Behavioral psychologist (job ad):
- Community psychologist (job ad): phone interview 11/19; campus interview offer 11/24; Reject email 12/21; offer made 1/26; offer accepted

University of Melbourne, Australia
- Open, 2 positions (job ad):

University of Memphis
- Counseling:

University of Miami
- Neuroscience (job ad); campus interviews February; offer extended & accepted
- Clinical: 12/8-heard from the chair that they are focusing on junior candidates at this time; 12/1 interview on campus; 1/19 Search closed; 2/2-rejection letter.

University of Michigan
- Health (job ad): If this is for the sexual health (HIV/AIDS) position, then campus interview Nov. 30-Dec. 1

University of Michigan-Flint
-open: phone interview on 1/20: Invitation to interview on campus being schedulded for late Febuary; contacted by SC chair to see if still interested in the position (no prior interviews there), 03/31; Campus invite, 4/14; Offer accepted, 5/09

University of Minnesota
—Open (behavioral genetics, clinical, or quantitative): automatically generated email states position has been filled (2/18).

University of Minnesota - Duluth
— Experimental ([])
— Quantitative/Psychometrics/Clinical ([])

University of Mississippi Medical Center
- Clinical (job ad): phone interview, 10/22, campus interview offer 10/22; On campus interview 11/5; campus interview, 11/12-11/13; 12/7 job offered to another candidate and accepted

University of Missouri - Columbia
- Clinical (job ad): application acknowledged via email, 10/14; 12/3—heard they have picked out candidates for interviews; 12/8-heard from the chair that they are focusing on junior candidates at this time; 1/13 Rejection email; in response to email query, heard job offered, likely to be accepted.
- Child Development in Department of Human Development & Family Studies (job ad): Application acknowledged via email 9/21; Friend received a rejection email 10/22; rejection email 11/2;
- Cognitive Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/7; campus interviews scheduled (11/20); rejection letter 5/8

University of Missouri - Kansas City
- Educational Psychology (job ad):

University of Nebraska
- Latino/a populations (job ad):

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
-Clinical: phone interview last week 1/26/10; invited for in-person interview 1/29/10. «hiring freeze?»; search cancelled 3/21

University of Nevada, Reno
-Cognitive Neuroscience: phone interview (12/10); campus interview early Feb; candidate offered - early March; first offer declined;

University of New England (Australia)
- Behavioral Genetics/Evolutionary Psychology (job ad):

University of New England (Maine)
- developmental or cognitive and additional areas considered, 2 positions (job ad): Application acknowledged via email 9/23; phone interview set for 10/22; campus interview 11/6, job offer made and accepted. Received an email on 3/5 stating 2 of 3 positions have been filled. Still searching for developmental position. (x2; if you responded to the e-mail, did you receive any acknowledgment?); responded to email sent on 3/5, but as of 3/15 no response from UNE (same here…odd…); after inquiry, received an email stating they are constructing a short-list; on-campus interview 4/30

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Joint position in Cancer and Psychology/Sociology
Application acknowledged 11/12

University of North Carolina - Pembroke
- Personality or additional areas considered

University of North Carolina - Wilmington
-Cross-cultural/multicultural: currently interviewing candidates, getting ready to make an offer, 02/25

University of North Dakota (job ad)
- Clinical (child development emphasis); phone interview offer, 11/3; campus visit offer, 1/14
- Clinical (neuropsychology/diversity/health); phone interview offer, 11/3; campus visit offer, 11/13
- Forensic
- Counseling: phone interview offer, 11/20; campus interview offer 11/25

University of North Florida
- Social: phone interview 1/8
- Educational psychology:
- Biopsychology: campus interviews mid Feb; Offer made 3/5; offer declined 3/18

University of Oklahoma
- Open (intro psych emphasis) (job ad): campus interviews scheduled for February 11-12, 18-19, and 25-26; job offer extended 3/3; offer accepted 3/18

University of Oregon
- Social psychology, personality, and/or emotion, broadly construed - 2 positions (job ad): campus interview, 12/5; campus interview, 12/5; campus interview 1/14; two job offers 2/17 (one declined 2/26); position reposted? (job ad take two?)

University of the Pacific
- Biopsychology, Neuropsychology, or Neuroscience (job ad): Phone interview scheduled for 12/15; campus interview scheduled for January; offer made and negotiating for spousal hire, 1/27; phone interview 1/27; received email on 2/4 saying they're still conducting interviews and won't move forward with selection process until 2/18; offer declined, 2/11; 2/16 invited for campus interview 2/25

University of Pennsylvania
- adult or child clinical or developmental psychopathology (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/6; acknowledgment letter said they were focusing on senior candidates.

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
- Clinical (job ad):
- Clinical/Health (job ad):

University of Pittsburgh
- Cognitive Neuroscience (job ad):
- Motivation or higher-level cognition, posted 1/21/10

University of Pittsburgh, School of Education
- Applied Developmental Psychology (job ad): phone interview, 12/10; phone interview, 12/14; campus interview offer, 12/15; received word that 2 offers were made, 2/6; rejection letter 2/13

University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg
- 2 Positions, Open (ad): appl acknowledged 11/23; phone interview scheduled for 1/5, rejection email 02/02

University of Puget Sound
- Neuropsychology (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/16; HR reported interviews have happened 2/22.

University of San Francisco
- Clinical (job ad): application acknowledged via US mail, letter dated 10/14; phone interview 10/30; rejection email, 12/18
- Counseling (job ad): rejection letter dated 1/8

University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
- Clinical (job ad):

University of South Alabama
- Clinical (multiple positions; job ad): application acknowledged via US mail, letter dated 10/15; faculty met to discuss applicants on 11/10; invited for on-campus interview 11/20; contacted by chair to ask if still interested in position, 1/22. Offer accepted, 1/27; offer for second position offered and accepted, 2/5. SEARCH CONCLUDED.

University of South Carolina
- Clinical (child & family; job ad): application acknowledged via US mail, letter dated 10/13, included request for PDF copy of application via email; heard they had invited someone for a campus interview 11/18; 12/17 received rejection letter indicating that a candidate has been selected.
-Educational Psychology: 2/1-Application acknowledged

University of Southern California
- Social (job announcement): short list/skype interview (8 people) 10/29; campus interview 11/10; campus interview 11/10; offer made 1/21; offer accepted 2/26.
- Behavioral/Neuroeconomics: phone interview 11/20

University of South Florida-Polytechnic
-Open: HR stated that the search is in progress, 02/15, rejection email 04/22

University of Southern Mississippi
- Counseling: phone screen (1/22); campus interview offer (2/4); offer extended (3/9); offer declined (3/17)

University of South Florida
- I/O (job announcement): three candidates were campus interviewed so far, 12/07; job offered to candidate, 12/15;
- Joint appointments in Mental Health Policy and Law and another department: invited for campus interview; campus interview invite

University of St. Thomas
- Counseling (job ad): contacted via email inquiring about continued interest in the position 1/29/10, Phone interview scheduled week of 02/08, phone screen scheduled for next week 2/3/10, invited for in-person interview 2/24/10

University of Tampa
- Developmental Psychology: short list of 9 compiled and phone interview invite for late January, 1/15;

University of Tenneesee, Chattanooga
- Health Psychology or I/O (with Occupational Health emphasis) : 1/6/10 - heard they invited people for on campus interviews; campus interview scheduled for 1/21/10 - I heard an offer was made 1/30/10; I heard the offer was rejected 2/16/10

University of Tenneesee, Knoxville
—Child and Family Studies (job ad): application acknowledged via Affirmative Action form 10/20; request for letters of reference 11/23; campus interview invitation 1/5; offer made and accepted 2/19
-Counseling Psychology (job ad): On short list (18 candidates), 1/19/10. Notified of alternate status - said they have 4 campus interviews scheduled (2/11)

University of Texas at Arlington
- I/O (job ad): application acknowledged 11/20; on-campus interview 2/5/10.

University of Texas at Austin
- Developmental (job ad): Job talk for senior candidate is posted on departmental website.

University of Texas at Tyler
-Clinical: Phone Interview 10/6; 11/11heard interviewees will not be invited until after close of fall semester; 12/22received notice that selection process will carry into January; phone interview last week 1/25/10

University of Toronto, Mississauga (Canada)
- Developmental (job ad): emailed to check on search status and heard they are still deciding on short list (2/3); a friend was invited for a campus interview (2/3)
- Social/Personality/Abnormal (job ad): campus interview late January (phone call made on 12/22); job offer 2/4, offer accepted 3/1

University of Toronto, Scarborough
- Clinical, tenure-track (job ad):job offer made and accepted
- Clinical, teaching stream; job cancelled
- Cognitive Neuroscience: rejection email 1/8; decision made, offer still pending
- Behavioral Neuroscience: rejection email 1/8

University of Toronto (St. George Campus)
- Behavioral neuroscience (job ad): job talk listed on department website 1/13; rejection email 04/16.
- Social Psychology (job ad): phone interview 11/2; campus interview 11/2; Job offer 12/5; offer accepted 1/20

University of Tulsa
-Visiting I/O (job ad): application acknowledged 1/27; phone interviews 02/21; offer extended 3/3; offer accepted 3/20

University of Vermont
-Developmental (job ad): Application acknowledged via email 10/13; Campus interview invite 12/9; Rejection email 12/11; campus interview invite 12/19; job offer 1/27; offer accepted 2/16

University of Victoria (Canada)
- Cognitive neuroscience (job ad): scheduled campus interview 01/06; rejection letter 01/11; offer declined 3/17; offer accepted 5/6

University of Virginia
- Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy (job ad): campus interview 11/5

University of Washington-Seattle
-Cognitive Science/language: campus interview scheduled 2/12/

University of Washington - Tacoma
- Cognitive (job ad): The search chair estimated that phone interviews will happen in February with campus interviews in March and April. Notified of short list (rejection) status 2/7. Phone interview scheduled for 2/15

University of West Georgia
- Open Assistant or Associate: Application acknowledged (1/22). Campus interviews February and early March. Two positions are being filled.

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
-Experimental: phone interview invite (1/13); campus interview invite (1/29)

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
-Developmental/Educational psychology: phone interviews in mid-February; campus visits early March; received email that position is filled 3/26;

University of Wisconsin - Madison
- Open (job ad): Application acknowledged 9/23; invitation to interview end of Jan 12/19; offer(s) made 2/17; rejection letter 3/29
- Social processes (job ad): application acknowledged 9/15; on short list, final interviewees to be selected after Jan. 19; Interview invitations have already been made, 2/1; found out on 2/3 that they already interviewed a first round of applicants, and will know in a couple of weeks if they will potentially interview additional applicants; offer(s) made 2/17
- Education Psychology (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/6; Acknowledgment email indicated reviews would begin in January; rejection letter for WCER/LA&S position 1/15
- Human Development (job ad): Application acknowledged by email 11/2; 1/6 shortlist of 8 chosen (3 for interviews) for adult/aging position; 1/12 said they would contact interviewees this week for the infant/child development position; invited for in person interview for adult/aging position 1/25/10; inquired about infancy search and was told that they are currently interviewing their top choices, 2/5; notified that position offered for Adult/Aging position 4/2
- Counseling: Rejection letter received dated 2/16

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
- Behavioral Neuroscience (job ad):
- Cognitive Neuroscience (job ad): campus interview scheduled (12/1)

University of Wisconsin- Osh Kosh
-Clinical or Counseling (job ad): phone interview, 2/19; offer extended (3/5); offer accepted (3/17)
-Cognitive (job ad): phone interview, 1/8

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
-Educational Psychology: 1/19 application acknowledged

University of Wyoming
- Clinical (job ad): application acknowledged via US Mail, letter dated 9/30; campus interview scheduled; rejection letter dated 11/11 indicating search closed, no additional candidates to be interviewed.

Utah State University
- Behavior Analysis (job ad): Position filled (heard by email) 02/13.
- School psychology (job ad):

Vassar College
- Social Psychology (job ad); 2/16 campus interview in coming weeks; 3/6 any updates on this search; 3/11 heard they made a job offer. 4/7 Official email saying that an offer has been accepted and the search is closed.

Virginia Commonwealth University
-Education Psychology; 1/19 application acknowledged; 2/12 phone interview invite x2; 2/26 short list compiled and additional materials requested

Virginia Wesleyan College
- Community Psychology (job ad):Campus interview 2/12/2010; Job offer received 2/18/2010; Offer accepted 2/22/2010
- Campus interview offer 1/11/2010; offered accepted and rejection letter received 4/26

Volunteer State Community College
-Open (job ad):

Wake Forest University
- Cognitive/Affective Psychology (job ad): Application acknowledged 10/8; long short-list 11/13; campus interview invitation 11/24; Job Offer 1/25; Offer accepted 3/8
- Personality Psychology (job ad): long short-list 11-10; campus interview 2/4; Job Offer 2/9

Wake Tech Community College

Walsh University
-Open (job ad): they are currently interviewing three people, 02/17/10; after inquiry informed that still in the midst of campus interviews 2/23; 3/10 e-mail that search is completed (position filled)

Washington State University
- Educational Psychology and Learning Sciences: 11/16 application acknowledged; 1/26 on-site interview; 3/22 rejection letter

Washington State University-Tri-Cities
-Educational Psychology: 11/19 application acknowledged; 3/22 rejection letter

Westminster College-Missouri
- clinical/counseling (job ad): Phone interview mid-Dec.; campus interview offer for mid Jan. Offer made 1/26/10, offer accepted 2/16/10!

West Virginia University
- clinical, child: receipt of application acknowledged 11/13; campus interview scheduled 11/18; 1/29 - rejection letter stating that position had been filled
- behavioral neuroscience: campus interview scheduled 11/20

Wheaton College
- endowed chair of clinical psychology (job ad):

Whittier College
- Applied (job ad): heard on 12/9 that they are currently interviewing 4 candidates; was on short list received rejection letter 1/13; rejection letter dated 1/4;

William Paterson University
- Experimental: contacted about campus interview 3/5

Willamette University
- Open (job ad): Application acknowledged by email 10/2; phone interview scheduled 11/5; Phone interview, 11/8; campus interview Dec. 1; in response to email inquiry, heard that position has been filled, 2/8/10; rejection email, 3/1;

Winona State (Minnesota)
-Clinical/Counseling (job ad:) Phone interview offer 12/14

Winston-Salem State University
-Open (preference for Statistics). Application acknowledged 11/17; the committee is working on compiling a short list, 2/18/10

Worcester State College
-Open (job ad:): HR said short-list has been notified for phone interviews (and ~155 applicants total; 2/19); phone interview invite (2/20); phone interview 3/4; on-campus interview offer made 3/4; declined on-campus interview offer made on 3/4; Rejection email (4/20)

Wright State University
-Clinical (job ad:)

Xavier University
-I/O (job ad:) long short list 02/09; phone interview 02/17; campus interview invite 02/16; offer extended 3/26

Yeshiva University
- Child/adolescent clinical psychology (job ad):

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